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Voldkin~ " Home, the place you go to escape the world." (voldkin) | 41 comments Mod
The Iron Maidens- This clan lives with the people in industrial locations they are exceptionally strong and can even go as far as having the strength to lift a single cart to a train, they tend to lose control of them selves when changing to there hybrid form but they are also aware of the moon cycles to stay with there clan so they don't bring unwanted attention to themselves.

Storm Lords- This clan are shaman like and can be very persuasive, some humans find themselves doing task's that are far beyond what they would normally do just to make a Storm lord happy, they are adapted in small scale magic but lose there power of doing so when they take on any of the aspects of there wolf form, but in trade a Storm lord in there wolf form can harden there fur to make a strong hide that can resemble armor of a tank.

Glass Walkers- This clan is very elusive and can be hard to track down when they don't want to be found, they are rogues or even hackers of the underground, they now there way around the electronic advancements of the world and use it to there advantage, they tend to be weaker then normal clans but they are extremely smart and one of the only clans that can control themselves when they change into there hybrid form.

Bunyip The Bunyip, though often mistakenly referred to as Fera, were one of the original tribes of Garou. Their human kinfolk were the aboriginal tribes of Australia, and their animal kin the marsupial thylacines. Bunyips are considered extinct even to the other werewolves, vampires, mages, and the others. But they were also one of the first to apire. That said Bunyips are extremely powerful and even more dangerous under a full moon. (There can be only 5 in existence of this RP at a time plz ask before making one and wait for approval. Also when making a Bunyip your endurance state will be a 5 rank with no major pinalty to your other stats).
More To come just getting started

Voldkin~ " Home, the place you go to escape the world." (voldkin) | 41 comments Mod
Even amoung the base clans there are more then just "Werewolves" you do have WereTigers, Rats, Ravens, and more your not just limited to Wolves.

and on that note, the "Weres" of this world have 3 forms. There human form, animal form, and there hybrid form.

the Hybrid form is the mix of the animal with the human usually resulting in increased size strength, speed, and even endurance. but at the cost of Intelligence, and will. Presence is kinda up and down at this point because your deffeantly noticed and most likely feared by humans, but at the same time getting them to do what you want is most likely not going to happen.

Voldkin~ " Home, the place you go to escape the world." (voldkin) | 41 comments Mod
Fawn your already approved for your Bunyip since you asked to have them added.

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