A Captain's Duty: Somali Pirates, Navy SEALs, and Dangerous Days at Sea A Captain's Duty discussion

A Captain's Duty by Richard Phillips

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Paulina Hutchison When I was trying to find nonfiction book that I would be interested in, I asked my brother. He suggested to me the book A Captain’s Duty by Richard Phillips. This is a novel based off the true stories of the captain of a US cargo ship who travels with his crew through the dangerous waters off of the Somalian coast. As feared, the ship was boarded by Somalian pirates who attacked his crew at gunpoint. Captain Phillips was taken from the ship and moved to a boat where he was held hostage by the pirates and used for ransom. He talks about the fear for his life and never returning home to his wife and family. After five days of pain, perseverance, and scorching heat, Navy Seals were able to raid the boat and save Captain Phillips and return him home. Each chapter is separated by days and hours of his journey and talks about his thoughts throughout the crazy, life-threatening journey. The novel was released on the one year “anniversary” of his kidnapping. As he returned to his family, he was a changed man who had a new appreciation for those around him, but he was also haunted by the memories and flashbacks of his attack. He has developed a love for his country, especially the Navy Seals that saved his life. If you are interested in a true, inspirational story about a man who found that he was able to handle more in life than he ever imagined possible, then this is the novel for you. While the story line is kind of scary, Captain Phillips’ story is amazing to read and even offers the same page turning factors as a fiction book. Overall, I was really surprised that I loved this book. If you are looking for great read, I would highly recommend this book. As always, happy reading!

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Natalie A I also loved this book and I don't normally go for a 'scary read.' I watched the film afterwards, expecting to be disappointed as usual as they never live up to the books but I enjoyed the film too, even if I did watch the majority of it from behind a cushion.

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