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Query abandoned by poster > Gothic Romance/Mystery. From late 60s or early 70s. A girl comes to stay at a manor or somesuch and starts learning about Nell Gwyn. Talks about her selling oranges at the theater. At one point she wears a Nell Gwyn costume to a party and upsets people.

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Juli (juliwy) I read this book in the late 70s/early 80s. It's been so long that the plot is vague in my mind...I just remember that the main character kept thinking about Nell Gwyn. It mentioned Nell as selling oranges and she dressed up as Nell Gwyn for a big costume party and people didn't like it. I'm not sure on this but it might have the words candle or ghost in the title. I know a ghost or some sort of supernatural event was part of the plot.

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Juli, what's the time period and location of the story?

Note: Wikipedia - Eleanor "Nell" Gwyn (1650-1687) was a long-time mistress of King Charles II of England and Scotland.

message 3: by Juli (new)

Juli (juliwy) Modern day. 60s/70s. I dont remember the exact location/setting.....it’s been too long.

message 4: by Tammy (new)

Tammy Buchli | 41 comments No idea, but it sounds pretty good, so I'm commenting for updates so I can read it when you find it!

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Juli (juliwy) I read it several times as a teenager and want to read it again but I can't remember the title! Argh! :)

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Tammy Buchli | 41 comments The only part that throws me off is people not liking her costume. Who doesn't like Nell Gwynn? Even Catherine of Braganza (her boyfriend's wife) liked Nell Gwynn!

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