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Johanna the Insightful | 20 comments All my thoughts, my inner desires and goings of my life are here...

Read at your own risk.

Johanna the Insightful | 20 comments Ever get the feeling that you have tried your best to be the perfect daughter, the perfect student, the perfect friend... and They still don't find you worthy?

I feel that right now.

Johanna the Insightful | 20 comments Good thing I have this friend who's talking to me at this moment. I can't imagine how awful it will be if I dwindle into a sad pile of mess.


Johanna the Insightful | 20 comments Wondering how great it will be if I move out.

Johanna the Insightful | 20 comments Soon...

Johanna the Insightful | 20 comments Just got back from what seems to be a never-ending months of studying. I'm quite ready to get back to reading, thank you very much.

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Johanna the Insightful | 20 comments A Bit Not Good

The entire day I sensed a lot of negative energy around me. From waking up uneasy to eating my breakfast, it felt like I was containing my urges to scream. I've been experiencing this urges for weeks now and it isn't until today that this 'cloud' hanging over me wanted to break free.

I was at the end of my strength but I've managed to push through the anxiety and doubts.

Life is so hard but I won't give up. Thinking of these and writing it all down here is such a renewing and freeing experience.

I shall now endeavor to post daily so as to not 'blow' myself up with the negativity in life. Fingers crossed to becoming better.


Johanna the Insightful | 20 comments Bring me some food!

Johanna the Insightful | 20 comments What a day I had. Slept most of it away and I was totally relaxed throughout. Mind you, I was a bit intense at some hours but it was good.

No worries, no voices and good vibes only.

I won't let those people and instances to rain on my parade. No, siree!

Johanna the Insightful | 20 comments Relaxed and peaceful. I wished I can have more days like today. Away from my family that still continues to tighten their hold my meager freedom. Can't wait what tomorrow will bring...

Johanna the Insightful | 20 comments It's been an interesting week, I can tell you that. Had a lot of ups and downs and I think my body is close to breaking down. I'm in the middle of the decision to taking a week off from my studies, so that I won't stress too much.

Will be giving the final decision after this big test on Thursday...

I've studied well these past few days and I know that with focus and concentration, I can (and will) ace the 6th test of this term. **Fingers crossed**

Johanna the Insightful | 20 comments Chill week is starting for me. I cannot wait to read all the new books I have in my TBR pile. Looking forward to just lay around and just relax!

Wanting to watch American Gods season 2, but it looks like my mind's not ready for that sort of thrill and trauma. So I'm binge-watching The Umbrella Academy right now. Klaus is getting to be my favorite character of the show. Vanya, is coming to a close second.

Johanna the Insightful | 20 comments Woooh! What a day!

There were so many people at the mall. I can't believe I got through that with a sane mind. Looked like there was a concert about to happen and the noise didn't help me fight off the headache I had.

Good thing, I got through it. I'm now at home, continuing watching American Gods season 2. Yes, I did say that I would take a pass on the series but I have nothing else to watch and my brain is itching for stimulation.

Shadow Moon is becoming a peculiar character in this season. I wonder if he could be one of the reincarnations of the 'Old gods' and this led me into thinking that that is why Wednesday/Odin was helping him out.

Update to be continued...

Johanna the Insightful | 20 comments F*ck me. My teeth are aching. Ugghhh, another problem I'm facing right now. My free week was supposed to be all chill and stuff but why, why does my teeth started to act up?!

Pretty awful if you ask me. I'm stressed as hell and I've been getting these massive headaches that make so moody. >:(

Johanna the Insightful | 20 comments Almost slept the whole day away, if it weren't for this appointment with the dentist. To say that it was a disaster was an understatement for there's going to be major changes happening in the future.

The dentist said that I needed to be ready for a surgery soon. 2 hours of my mouth open... I'm so not ready for that. But, then again, it's all my fault for not taking care of my dental hygiene. :(((

My Rest Week is totally ruined but I need to take a look on the positive side. At least, by the end of all these, my teeth'll be healthy again. **sigh**

Johanna the Insightful | 20 comments 2 hours of pain and exhaustion was a long time for me today. The pain was excruciatingly intense and having my mouth open for almost two whole hours was so tiring. Never mind that I will be okay in the end, those hours made my whole body run on adrenaline and stress. A fact that I didn't like.

Now though, the pain has subsided and I'm handling the after-caring acts swimmingly :)

I still have one more tooth to remove on Monday and I'm so not looking forward to it...

Johanna the Insightful | 20 comments DAY 1 OF RESTING. I'm getting better at managing the pain and discomfort. Taking my meds continuously so that I'll stay off any infection and whatnot. Tomorrow I do have somewhere to go to but still checking whether my body can take the stress.

Going to study a new subject on Monday... Goodluck to me on that endeavor!

Johanna the Insightful | 20 comments Started studying last subject of this term. Poetry surely is an amazing subject. I'm only at Module 2 and I'm itching to read some renowned poems of history.

As for my dental operations, it's finally finished! Only needed to get the sutures out by next week. No more pain, YAYYY me!

Johanna the Insightful | 20 comments Today was a good day indeed. Some alone time was what I needed and let me tell you, it was great... My lessons are coming to be somewhat challenging but I won't let that get in the way of my calm thoughts right now.


Johanna the Insightful | 20 comments It was a spectacular day today. Waking up at the earliest hour may have been a hardship but at the end of the day, all of what I've done was worth it. You see, I've graduated college! I'm officially another jobless person... JOKE!

Anyway, my family was with me throughout the day and there may have been arguments, short tempers becoming even shorter, BUT, I was so happy and delighted to have attended the graduation ceremony at this fancy convention center.

Still, I have to finish a term before I can get my diploma. I don't have any worries about that. The upcoming 4 months will pass by in a blink of a second, so YAY!

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