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(SPOILER!!)Could Violet have saved Theodore?
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Finished this book a week ago and there is still this burning question in my mind: could violet have saved theo? In the beginning of the book there is a quote by virginia wolf : "if anybody could have saved me it would have been you". when theo leaves for the last time, everyone is okay with it because this is what he does, but Violet senses that this time is different. She waits and waits because she left him with a fight and he hasn't returned any of her calls, texts, etc. Then when it is clear that theo will not be returning, instead of searching for his body she returns to school, hangs out with ryan etc. She doesn't even think about going to his room and REALLY investigate until the teacher mentions the project. Only then is she finding clues and etc. Then when it is clear that theo was finishing the project, she takes her good ol' time in going to each place as if he's still alive and breathing. when she finally reaches the blue hole, his clothes, car, etc. everything is there, but theo. she wails and then calls the cops etc.
All i am imagining is theo at the blue hole neatly folding his clothes and TAKING HIS TIME in hopes of violet finding and saving him. maybe he hears something and he calls out "violet?" or hes swaying in the water just waiting for his savior to come. when she doesn't come, he says fuck it and dives and dives and dives because nobody is coming for him. nobody loves him. this is the worst part of it all. because he was in the water for a couple of hours. if only violet had made this her #1 priority, maybe he would still be alive. imagine finch just reciting that virginia wolf quote in his head, like violet could have saved me if she were here. guess not. let's dive.

i also cooked up a lil' diff ending. what if they pulled the body up, violet is crying etc. and the body is not finch's. what if it was some other kid and finch had escaped or realized that violet was worth staying for. this book could have ended many ways but im pretty sure violet could have saved finch if she had opened her eyes more.

i sound mad i know but this book hits too close to home and i am upset at violet for not trying hard enough. finch could still be alive. let me know if you all think that violet DID try her best and why?

She couldn’t have saved him. He was going to kill himself no matter what Violet said. Their was no helping and it is so sad. I cried so hard. 😭😭😭

Violet did try to help with recommending a counselor & etc. (it’s been a while since I’ve read this book.) The thing is there’s some things in life you can’t control. Violet begged him to come home when he was missing and couldn’t have found him since nobody had a clue where he was. Even if she went investigating she probably wouldn’t have known where he was at the the time, If you remember Finch went to multiple places. It’s not Violet’s fault, SHE DIDNT KNOW that he was going to commit suicide. Violet isn’t responsible for other people’s actions. IT WAS FINCH’S CHOICE. I’m sure Violet will feel regret for the rest of her life about what she could of done, but like I said before it’s not her fault. Blaming her isn’t right since she clearly loved him and wouldn’t of have wanted him to die. And about Finch at the blue hole, you don’t know what exactly he was thinking for sure but he wouldn’t of have blamed Violet for his death. They loved each other a lot and would of wished each other the best.

I think that is what was so hard about this book. Theo was struggling with something that he didn't know how to handle. I don't think the point of this book was "could he be saved" but more so, "how to understand what he was feeling".

What I found so interesting about this book was how it started with Violet and Theo on that roof in the beginning. They were both depressed, and pushed to their limits. Throughout the book we see Violet begin to cope and manage, and pull herself out of it - but Theo, despite the good things in his life, never does.

What I took away from this book was a better understanding of mental illness. I think it is hard for me to relate to people that have to spend every day coping with depression and anxiety, because while I do sometimes feel those feelings, they are fleeting, and I can get myself out of those moods. Other people physically cannot.

Going back to Violet, I think she did the best she could. She's a kid, and these types of emotions and problems were way over her head. She came from a loving family, and most likely assumed Theo's sister or his mother would handle a serious situation like this - if she was the one missing, her parents certainly would have dealt with it. If his mother and sister didn't seemed concerned about him missing, then why should she? I think she tried the best she could, but ultimately she couldn't understand the state he was in, so she interpreted his actions to be selfish, and attempted to move on.

Even if she had arrived at the Blue Hole in time to rescue Theo, he most likely would have attempted again. The Blue Hole wasn't his first thought/attempt about suicide during the book, and if he had been stopped, he may have tried again later anyways. I don't think anything Violet could have done would have saved him. I don't think mental illness is something he could have be "rescued" from. I'm not saying he couldn't have learned to cope with the proper resources, but again, I don't think that is what the book it about. What happened was absolutely heartbreaking and terrible for everyone involved - I'm not trying to diminish that.

What I took away from the book was a better understanding of how hard certain mental illnesses can be to deal with, cope with and live with every day. I think this book was for survivors of suicide, to help the people left behind understand what happened.

could anyone have saved him?

I believe that Violet could have saved Theo if she had just made some smarter decisions.

On March 20 in the book, Amanda tells Violet that she saw Finch at the Life is Life group. Amanda also tells Violet that Finch took a bunch of sleeping pills and that that's why Finch was at the Life is Life group. So, after Amanda gives Violet this information, Violet knows that Finch has active suicidal tendencies. This would have been enough for Violet to do something, like talking to the guidance counselor or her parents in an effort to try and get Theo the help he needed. However, Violet doesn’t do either of these things.

In the first half of the next chapter, “March 21 and beyond”, Violet decides to directly confront Theo and asks him about what happened with the sleeping pills. This ends badly with Theodore and Violet getting into a fight and Violet storming out. At this point, Violet knows that Theodore is suicidal, and she knows that Theodore is currently upset because of the fight they just got in. She could have went downstairs and explained the situation to Finch’s mother or sister, but she goes home instead.

Later on the same day in “March 21 and beyond” when she gets home, she realizes that she has to do something and decides to tell her parents about Theodore’s current mental condition, but by then it’s too late because Theodore has already ran away.

If Violet had went to an adult sooner and hadn’t stalled, Theodore could have gotten the help that he needed to combat his depression and maybe wouldn’t have killed himself. Mr. Embry, the school counselor Theodore was seeing, could have made more of an effort to contact Theodore’s parents instead of just calling them. Even Amanda could have saved Theodore’s life if she had went to an adult as soon as she found out about the sleeping pill incident. However, nobody did any smart thing of significance until it was too late.

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