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message 1: by Specs (new)

Specs Bunny (specsbunny) | 445 comments I'm sure we all had some moans about the new wish list set up (not being able any more to check multiple books to remove from list or to add to basket).

But last week I discovered a book I had bought, and it is still in my wish list but I can not remove it! It says "in your library" but the button for "remove" is not there.

Today I bought multiple books in de 3for2 deal, some of which were in my wish list. Being prepared I had to tabs in my browser: 1 with the items in my sale basket, one with the wish list. Before pressing "buy" I removed the items from my wish list first.

But I slipped up once, so now I have 4 books in my wish list telling me they are in my library (great!) but not being able to remove them from the list.

No good, Audible!

message 2: by Simon (last edited May 13, 2018 05:29AM) (new)

Simon | 15 comments Audible UK are continually degrading their website at the moment. There are new formats for a few things:-

Listener Page where they took away the followers capability.

Lists of new releases that can't be sorted in the order they will appear.

Lists of pre-orders where the books can't be sorted in the order they will arrive.

message 3: by Specs (new)

Specs Bunny (specsbunny) | 445 comments Today I was able to remove the books I bought from my wish list, the button was back, yay!

But - those same books did not have an "in your library" message and the button "add to basket" showed up instead...

This is still not good, Audible.

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