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message 1: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Lake | 5 comments Beta readers needed! :-)

I would really appreciate lovely beta readers for my contemporary novel This is me, this is not you.
It is uplifting, emotionally charged, with lots of twists, suspense, but a lot of humor too.
100k long and thankful. :-)


Fed up with her boring job and depressive hometown, watching the others fulfilling their dreams, Ivona decided that she had it. Tired and frustrated with what her life has become, she is ready for a change. Intrigued by her friend Robert's invitation, Ivona agrees to join the newly formed activist group. Their goal is to make their town a better place for everyone.

Well, almost everyone.
It turns out that some people, powerful and greedy ones, are leading all of them into something which could destroy not just the community, but also the city. Angry and tired to be helpless, the group is determined to do something about it. But how do you fight against people with so much power and influence? How dangerous it can be and will it destroy not just Ivona's life but also the lives of her dear ones?

Determined to take the risk, Ivona finds herself in the middle of the storm along with almost everyone she knows.

EvsPen (ev pentikis) (evpen) | 2 comments Hi Amanda. Your premise sounds interesting. I’d like to be a beta reader—I can give you feedback as a developmental editor who has taken several classes in that speciality and has DE’d a few projects. You can send the word doc to I can read asap. Evelyn

message 3: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Lake | 5 comments Hi, Evelyn!

That would be great! Thanks so much, will send it right away. :-)

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