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message 1: by Kurt (new)

Kurt Springs | 181 comments Mod
First, this month's reading will be Andre Norton's Witch World. I'm actually reading the Witch World Saga 1-3, which includes Witch World, Web of Witch World, and Year of the Unicorn.

I've been intrigued by another great in science fiction, the late Ursula Le Guin. May's read was her novella, Lathe of Heaven. It's about George Orr, whose dreams have the power to alter reality. When he awakens from vivid dreams, he finds that the world has become strange. It does not fit the clear memory of the world before he slept. Terrified of this power, he seeks the help of psychiatrist Dr. William Haber. Dr. Haber realizes what a powerful tool this could be for good. George becomes a pawn in Dr. Haber’s playing God. With each dream, humanity grows more imperiled.

As a newcomer to Le Guin's work, I'm not sure if this is her typical work or not. Alternating realities often leave me confused unless handled carefully by the author. The rapid-fire nature of Lathe of Heaven left me a little bewildered and not sure what I just read.

message 2: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten Schuder (goodreadscomkirstenschuder) | 233 comments Mod
I noticed this a lot in works featuring dream worlds and alternating realities, but especially with works regarding dream worlds. I think that leaving the reader unsure about which world they are in or exactly what is going on is part of the message and the feel of the work, like the reader is also in the chaotic world of the dream state.

This was my first Le Guin work too. I think we should read more to see if this is just her style or if this was something that was intentional with this story only.

message 3: by Kurt (new)

Kurt Springs | 181 comments Mod
We can always do a second Ursula Le Guin read next this summer.

It may well be the intent of the author, to bring out the chaos of dealing with the dream world.

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