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Megan Kent  | 5 comments All I can remember is that it was set back in medieval-ish times, right when Lowlands and highlands were really becoming a thing for Scotland and England. I read it about 4-5 years ago, but I think it had been out for a while by then. It was a Romance kind of book, I can't remember how into Romance it got, or if it stayed fairly PG... Truly can't remember.

I remember some scenes, where a young gal (the main girl) steps outside, and notices something "evil" in the bushes, and there is a highland guy there who is trying to do something (can't remember) but ends up needing to protect her.

I remember at one point they both get caught in a hallway they weren't supposed to be in, and he forced her up against the wall to make it seem like they are just two drunk people making out, while they were really spying on a few people they had followed down there, and were listening in on a conversation.

It was mostly in a castle setting, in the lowlands. With the highlander on a mission.

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Megan, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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