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I know I'm probably a pain in the ass by making another journal... but the idea popped in mind. I don't want this one to drown. I hereby give permission to anyone to comment! Let's chat.
Ask me questions, tell me your thoughts... you name it. Welcome to "Let's go Listen to The Night Train." hence being an Aldean fan. :P

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Me as well! It's my favorite Jason Aldean song and I love all of his. It should definitely be on the radio more often. :D

message 3: by ~Nightingale~ (new)

~Nightingale~ | 324 comments I just finished listening to this song. ^-^ I live in Nashville though so pretty common lol.

message 4: by Faith (new)

Faith  (chastenfai) | 533 comments omg i love this song

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Faith wrote: "omg i love this song"

*Virtual high-five*

~Nightingale~ wrote: "I just finished listening to this song. ^-^ I live in Nashville though so pretty common lol."

Ha ha!! I would very much expect so.

Mykayla wrote: "Agreed!
I also love The Dirt Road Anthem!"

Oh, yes, I absolutely LOVE DIRT ROAD ANTHEM! Do you like Brantley Gilbert's version too?

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Mykayla wrote: "I've never heard Brantley Gilbert's version! i'll have to look it up! I love Brantley Gilbert, so i'll most likely love it!"

I hope you end up liking it! I love him as well, all of his songs!! (view spoiler)

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Sounds good, be sure to tell me what ya think!
Ha ha ha!!! I just love that pronounced "too"... just when I was feeling alright about myself... JK. Lmao. XD

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So I see, my friend! You're a very support boosting buddy to have. ;P

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Well you can if you'd like too, it can be a very good job for you, but maybe not the one's you're counseling... XD

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Well I haven't watched him too much but I've heard of him and he seems really funny! XD

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

That's just wrong and too funny all at once! Though I have a feeling if I say it's funny karama's gonna come back and kick my ass. XD
No, no, you may not be able to work with kids... but I'm sure you'd be better than that/him as far as the topic! ;P

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Ha ha ha!!! In that case phew *wipes brow* I won't get struck by lightning! XD
Too dang funny! I love children as well, especially babies, but I'm not sure how I'd do. I'd either make them giggle or hide. I've only held two babies in my life so the possibilities are endless. XD

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That sound absolutely precious!!! I'm so happy you get to see him often!! He sounds wonderful and beyond fun to watch grow. :D The second baby, more like toddler, I ever held was just learning to talk when I met her. She'd walk up to me with a cookie and put her hand out with a loud giggle. "Herwe cwookie!" I just loved it. XD

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Totally didn't see that you responded, sorry!

That is absolutely adorable! He sounds like such a mischief with a wonderful personality and very entertaining to watch, lol!
You sound like a great cousin for him to have and I'm happy you get to spend time with him. :D Their giggles and laughs are priceless!

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Too funny! I normally don't use the word but I kinda had a mental block. Nothing new, tho. XD

I'm sure and that's very good!

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Woot! Yesterday I got some reeeeal good punching in. Granted I need new gloves instead of deerskin yellows, it felt so reviving and took miles of stress from my chest. My favorite Brantley Gilbert song was blasted on the radio for tomorrow. Talk about my kinda day!

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Ever feel like spinning your head in a circle and making ambulance or shotgun noises? Yeah, I tried and everybody 'round ya thinks you're going through a weird spasm. XD

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Gonna have three molars ripped out in a few days. ;-;

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And just yesterday I got two out... at the end of July I'm having another taken out. :O

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