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Alex (Pucksandpaperbacks) (pucksandpaperbacks) | 7 comments Mod
Hi! I'm Alyssa, the host of LGBTQ+ Talks and Rainbow Reads (Book club). Come to me for any questions you have about the monthly topics or book club. My DMs are always open on here or Twitter @puckspaperbacks.

I am a lesbian and I've been out for almost a year. I also make LGBTQ+ content on my YouTube "Booktube" channel.

I hope you all have fun with this group! I'm so excited to start it.

Introduce yourself below :)

message 2: by Bec (new)

Bec (_becandbooks) Hey everyone! My name is Becca and I am a proud bisexual and an avid reader. While I am out and open with my friends and partner, I've never actually come out to my family. I honestly have a feeling it won't be taken seriously or like it matters because I am in a long-term M/F relationship.

I also run a book blog, bec&bones if you want to check it out! I try to feature as much diverse lit as I can, including LGBTQIA+ rep.

I am always keen for Goodreads groups and catching up with my people!

message 3: by Bailee (new)

Bailee Walsh HI! My name is Bailee.
I guess I would consider myself bi. I don't really put a label on myself. If I really like someone, I'm not going to deny myself the possibility of that relationship as something more.
I love music, film, and reading!!
I just starting making videos on youtube again. I talk about the things I love and the things I'm doing, which mostly includes listening to music, watching movies and shows, and reading books. My channel is just my name. Bailee Walsh.

message 4: by Amelia (new)

Amelia (yourlocalbooknerd) | 1 comments Hi my name is Amelia. I’m 14 (I’m probably the youngest of the group) but I’ve been told I’m really emotionally mature. I like girls and I’m still working on labels and stuff like that. I love reading and writing (I’d love to be an author when I’m older and I really wanna write books with wlw rep and I’d also love to work a lot on LGBT+ activism). I also sometimes watch tv shows and I really like movies. My favorite genres are YA Fantasy and YA contemporary. I really love books with LGBT+ rep and I’d love o read more.

message 5: by Libby (new)

Libby Gregory | 1 comments Hey guys, i am Libby and i am straight. i just started my booktube channel and i have been blogging for over a year, I love reading books that have LGBTQ+ books . I have some friends who are bi, gay, ect, and i am happy for them if that makes any scene at all. But i'm happy to be here and get to get to know some of you

message 6: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (bestmessever) | 1 comments Hey :) I'm Jessica. I read more than just about anything else. I don't really have a label I have always said that I fall in love with the person not the gender. I just don't feel a huge need to label myself. Anyways, I live and breathe Harry Potter and Supernatural, I am obsessed with fanfiction and I am super excited to be here 💜 I really think this book club is going to be such an amazing experience and I just can't wait for it to start.

message 7: by Leah (new)

Leah (whereintheworldisleahjane) | 2 comments Hi there! My name is Leah and I'm a proud disaster bisexual (reference to the Be the Serpent writing podcast, which I highly recommend).

I just started a booktube channel and it is, predictably, a mess but I'm having fun so far! Like everyone else here, I'm an avid reader and am looking forward to discussing great LGBT+ books with everyone!

Also, since we're sharing, here is my channel: Where in the World is Leah Jane (reading)

I noticed some of y'all shared yours already, but if you haven't then please feel free to share it with me! I'd love to check it out. :)

message 8: by Whatthelog (new)

Whatthelog | 1 comments Hiya! My name is Wendy and I am a book blogger and booktuber. You can find me at and (sorry, I don't know how to link things properly).

I'm bi and super excited to join this group!

message 9: by Leah (new)

Leah (whereintheworldisleahjane) | 2 comments Whatthelog wrote: "Hiya! My name is Wendy and I am a book blogger and booktuber. You can find me at and (sorry,..."

Great name!

message 10: by McKinlay (new)

McKinlay Hi I'm McKinlay, probably the grandma of the group at 34. I'm demi and pan, but more and more often i just call myself queer. I'm a booktuber and i post a lot of queer content. I'm kind of to the point where i just want my entire channel to be nothing but queer content. But there's still the occasional hetero book i can appreciate from time to time. anywhoser, this is my channel.

message 11: by Norman (new)

Norman Mathews | 2 comments I'm Norman, an older gay man who believes he has much to share about coming-out and living an honest and open gay life. After many horrendous episodes in the coming-out process and going through bad relationships, i found a love that has lasted 50 ears. I've written about this in my autobiography: The Wrong Side of the Room: A Life of Music Theater. I am happy to answer questions and give advice when it is appropriate.

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