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TJ (tjjones) | 6 comments I've been trying to locate, read and review all the books about Jack Vance and his writings. These are the books I am aware of. Are there any missing? I did not include books that have just one article about JV. Are there any books that have chapters or articles about Vance that any of you would recommend? Thanks.

Books about Jack Vance:
ip=in print, op=out of print, √=Read & reviewed, $=used price, nlg=not listed on Goodreads
1-5 rating, 3=okay, 4=really liked it, 5=it was amazing

√Demon Prince The Dissonant Worlds of Jack Vance-2007, Jack Rawlins, ip, 5
Encyclopedia of Jack Vance, An: 20th Century Science Fiction Writer, Vol. 1, A-J-2002, David G. Mead, $502-734, op
Encyclopedia of Jack Vance, An: 20th Century Science Fiction Writer, Vol. 2, L-N-2002, David G. Mead, $305, op
Encyclopedia of Jack Vance, An: 20th Century Science Fiction Writer, Vol. 3, O-Z-2002, David G. Mead, $209-404, op
√Fantasms: A bibliography of the literature of Jack Vance-1978, Daniel J. H Levack, op, 5
√Handbook of Vance Space-2014, Michael Andre-Driussi, ip, 5
√Jack Vance (Writers of the 21st Century)-1980, Tim Underwood & Chuck Miller eds., op, 5
√Jack Vance A Fantastic Imagination (Bibliographies for the Avid Reader)-1990, Phil Stephensen- Payne, Gordon Benson, op, 3
Jack Vance Critical Appreciations and a Bibliography-2000, A.E. Cunningham, $36-81,op
√Jack Vance Lexicon, The: from Abiloid to Zygage: The Coined Words of Jack Vance, 2016, Dan Temianka, ip, 5
Jack Vance Science Fiction Stylist-1965, Richard Tiedman, $250, op, nlg
√Jack Vance Seven Articles on His Work and Travels-2017, Michael Andre-Druissi, ip, 5
Many Worlds of Jack Vance, The/Horns of Elfland #2-1978, Jack Vance, $50-65, fanzine, includes Jack Vance's The Secret, and graphic adaptation of Eyes of the Overworld, plus other content. Magazine sized soft cover, $50-$65, op
√This is Me, Jack Vance-Jack Vance, autobiography, ip, 4
Winged Being-2013, Paul Rhoads, 30 essays, revised from Cosmopolis and Extant, $29, ip
√Wit And Wisdom Of Jack Vance, The: As Experienced By Miguel Lugom, 2011, Miguel Lugo, ip, 5
Work of Jack Vance, The: An Annotated Bibliography and Guide-1993, Jerry Hewett, $33-129, op

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Peter Tillman | 14 comments Not a book, but I wanted to draw attention to my colleague and friend Nic Gevers' essay on Vance's works, published (I think) about the time the VIE was completed:
"Jack Vance: Lord of Language, Emperor of Dreams"
by Nick Gevers

Enjoy! I did.

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Peter Tillman | 14 comments And here is a nice essay about Vance written for Magicon, the Orlando World Science Fiction Convention in 1992, at which Jack was Guest of Honor:
The author, Joe Bergeron, describes a 1980 visit to Jack & Norma Vance at their house in Oakland. Vance was then just 64, but already almost blind.

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Peter Tillman | 14 comments The Wikipedia article on Vance is worthwhile for general information:
I know I've worked on it, but not recently, and don't recall any specifics. Definitely worth a look, especially if you never have. Has the definitive photo of the Old Master and Commander, at the helm of his boat on San Francisco Bay.

In particular, this list,
makes interesting reading.

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Maria Feht | 1 comments Published in February 2021:
This Is Me, Jack Vance! - The Illustrated Edition

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