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Doo doo was the most loyal dog in the whole entire world. He would wait every morning at the bottom of the stairs for Dad, listening to figure out if Dad was wearing his running pants. That would mean that Doonie would get to go on a run too. If he head the swish of the pants, he would go crazy and follow Dad everywhere, jumping up and down and doing his little prancy thing. Eventually we would have to lock him in the entry hall so he wouldn't knock anything over with his excessive energy. There he would bark, and bark, until Dad came and they left for their run. That was the only time he ever barked for anything.

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He would eat anything off the floor. We called him the vacuum cleaner. And after he ate the big piece, he'd lick the floor clean. But he drooled so much. The dog water always had a big puddle beside it, and we always knew it was him.

every day when we came home from school, he and Darby would be prancing around. We could see them through the glass door, and it was always so funny. But it was also so nice to know that I’d been missed.
Now, it’s just Darby, shifting from foot to foot behind the glass door. Alone.

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Doonie chased after anything that moved. He would try to eat bubbles that floated in the air, and he would run full speed after tennis balls, having to drag his butt on the ground to stop and catch the ball. He never actually caught it, but we always pretended he did and praised him for it. He dug holes in the dog yard, so deep and wide that Dad can't mow the grass anymore. He was just following the moles underground, I say, but everyone else thinks it was Lyra's fault. She taught him how to dig, and he just did whatever she wanted. He did love those bubbles, though. He'd chase them all day long if he could, eventually having a foamy mouth filled with soap.

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Sometimes he got so excited that he'd lay on his back and wiggle his legs in the air. It was adorable, and weird. So weird. He was the only one of our dogs we could really trust. He was so loyal to us; he would only ever listen to Dad, but I knew he loved me too.

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Dad was Doonie's soulmate. They went practically everywhere together, and even if there was a bed nearby Doo doo would pass it up for an opportunity to lay next to Dad. He even had a catchphrase that Dad made for him: "Smarter than the average bear." I don't know where it came from, but whenever Dad say him he'd pat him and say that. Doonie loved it. He also loved the snow; he would play in it all day long if we let him. We had one-sided snowball fights, and played tag. He would run around and try to get on top of the snow, but that never worked. It was the cutest thing.

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