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Cameron Durant So I just created this discussion to see if anyone would actually ever see this:)

So this is how the game works:

It's really simple, someone starts off the story and the others continue it. The only rules are that the story stays appropriate (just so that the game can be played by younger audiences) and no one says no (like in improve you act on what just happened instead of changing someones idea).

I'll start the story off

It all started with a Phoenix....

BlueSkyReader_o7 He was born in a wood shrouded with mystery...

Cameron Durant Everything was normal for the Phoenix, his life was all he'd ever known until one day he came upon something that changed his life forever!

BlueSkyReader_o7 A strange man had walked into the woods, he looked like he wanted something. The Phoenix followed him.

Cameron Durant The man wore baggy clothing with worn out sneakers. He had a long mustache and kept a unsettling grin on his face. The Phoenix was determined to find out who this man was and why he was there, but suddenly a giant net fell on top of the Phoenix. The man turned around, grabbed the rope, and took the Phoenix away.

BlueSkyReader_o7 The man laughed evilly, "This one'll make me rich!" The Phoenix was terrified but tried to remain calm. The horrible man pulled the net with the Phoenix into a big black truck, and drove away.

rosechen The Phoenix struggled inside the net, and cried out for help. But the only thing the Phoenix heard was the man laughing and talking to somebody on the phone. From listening briefly to the conversation, the phoenix worked out that the man's name was Tom.

Sunny the Sassy The Phoenix was put into a cage that only had a few tiny holes for air. Tom placed the cage in the back oh his truck and drove away. The Phoenix tried to escape but couldn't.

Cameron Durant Meanwhile a group of friends were playing a game of truth or dare in the woods.
“Truth or Dare?” The oldest boy named Thomas challenged the oldest girl.

Michael Prentice "Dare!" the girl cried! "Alright," Thomas replied. "I dare you to go into Old Man Tom's place, tonight, well he sleeps."
"What!?!" the girl said, aghast. "I'm not..."
"Unless you would prefer the punishment for turning down the dare," Thomas goaded.
"Alright, alright, fine, I'll do it. What are the parameters?"
"Meet the rest of us on the street out front at sundown. We'll go through it then."
"Okay...," the girl, Gretel, agreed, before turning to the youngest girl. "Sandy, truth or dare?"

Jillian "Dare..." Sandy said slowly in a show of her bored mood.
"Okay!" Said Gretel with almost the exact opposite attitude of Sandy, "I dare you to break into Old man Tom's place WITH me."
Gretel sat there with a satisfied smirk on her face waiting for Sandy's horrified reply, which of course she didn't get. Sandy just agreed nonchalantly with a shrug of her shoulders.

⚔️ An hour and a half past and the group of friends were bored of playing truth or dare. Night had almost come, making the sky slightly orange.
''Gretel and Sandy!'' Thomas said, trying to catch their attention. ''It's time.''

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The Phoenix looked longing out the bars of the cage and through the window, but two pairs of eyes were staring back!

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Rae Sandy and Gretel looked curiously upon the pheonix, wondering what it was, when suddenly they heard a noise.

Samantha Old Tom was coming! Why wasn't he asleep? They quickly unlocked the phoenix's cage. Sally tucked him under her coat and they ran for it.

Samantha Oops, SANDY.

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Rory Sandy-in her hurry to escape- knocked over a vase filled with a colourful array of flowers "oh no!" Sandy gasped. She could hear Tom running through his large house, the pounding of feet, the creaking of the banister on the stairwell, agitated shouts and threats.

Sandy panicked and she...

Crazy  Moon spirit Ran out of the house and to here friends an told them to run, and that Old Tom was coming. The were shocked that Old Tom had woke up. They all ran...

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Rory but Sandy fell to the floor with the hard, cold tarmac pressed against her face and a sharp stinging feeling that ran up the side of her cheek. in the process of her fall, the phoenix escaped and began to....

Tamsin Leak tears on Sandy's face. Once Sandy's cheek was healed, Gretel helped her up and they began to run to the fence surrounding Tom's yard. They were just yards away from safety when...

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Rory The motion detector was triggered and the concourse of friends heard the high pitched noise of the siren engraining its self into their cranium. Then Old Tom entered the yard and charged at the children with unforeseen speed and dexterity he thrust Thomas to the floor and...

Raven Roth Thomas was now facing his fate and waiting for the worse, but then....

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Rory the phoenix gave out a great cry as it lurched towards Old Tom and burst into a large fiery ball of light, serving as a distraction. The stimuli of children screaming, the bright flame of the phoenix and the motion detector's sirens overloaded Old Tom which gave Thomas the chance to escape. the children ran with all of their power and strength away from Old Tom's house. In their hurry to escape they forgot one crucial thing. The phoenix. they discussed and agreed that they would...

Samantha Come back in an hour or two to see what the phoenix had done, and where it was. They hid behind a tree, the anticipation building as the sun began to rise over the horizon.

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Rory the golden light of the sun lit the path for the friends to find their way. Each of them thought of their terrible mistake; making sandy go into the house. they were once naïve children looking for an innocent game of truth or dare but now they were changed. they had aged, the burden of their mistakes hindering them as if walking in water. they reached Tom's house but continued to wait until he left, they would not take any chances today. after waiting for 45 minutes and it almost reaching 10:00 the group saw tom leave. Their adventure had began.

Migroude I don't understand what are you talking about :(

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