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Locked Out (Welcome to Rebuild #1)
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message 1: by L.M. (new) - added it

L.M. Schukraft (the_crooked_halo_series) | 15 comments Hello,

Back in December my book was added as an ARC. I've officially published it last night and would like for the information to be updated with the revised cover and linked to my author page. Please and thank you! Details below:
Title - Locked Out
* Author(s) name(s) L. M. Schukraft or as Goodreads has it: L.M. Schukraft
* ISBN (or ASIN) 1979521182
* Publisher: createspace and KDP
* Publication date: 05-10-2018 or 12-13-2017
* Format: print and ebook
* Description:
Emeline Watson hoped that by changing careers and going back to her home town, Waverly, it would be a new beginning for her. She could forget her horrible ex and the troubles he caused, move on from her father’s passing away six months ago, and start over. She finds out quickly enough that her past has followed her. Amid overhearing clandestine conversations, her ex stalking her, and her home town being plagued with recent break-ins, Emeline’s first week at Rebuild, a local chain hardware store, is anything but easy. The only bright spot is her gorgeous new co-worker, Ethan Walker. They’re paired up together the first day, and the mutual attraction is undeniable, but Emeline senses there’s more to Ethan than he’s letting on.

Starting out a new job, in a new town, is never easy but Ethan Walker has become a pro at blending in and adjusting to change. He figures this should be one of the easier changes he’s had to face in awhile. Little did he know the trouble that was awaiting him when he first set eyes on Emeline Watson. Her girl next door blonde hair, curvy fit body, and stunning eyes catches his attention instantly. Time and again, he finds himself playing knight in shining armor to her damsel in distress.

Waverly is experiencing its first wave of crime in centuries and Emeline seems to be mixed up in the center of it. No matter how much she denies needing Ethan to rescue her, the two are thrown together after Emeline discovers the grizzly remains of a body.

Can Ethan and Emeline figure out who’s behind the crimes? Will their attraction, and Emeline, survive the sinister plot threatening the entire town? Or will their secrets keep them locked out of each others lives?

Time is running out and the stakes are getting higher with each passing day…the danger is real and it’s coming for Emeline.

* Page count 424
* Link

message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael Korleone (michaelkorleone) | 3881 comments Current edition is already marked as ARC, so we'll leave it as is to allow users who received ARC to shelve that edition. I added paperback edition here -

Is there going to be a series called Welcome to Rebuild? If so, do the characters share the same universe?

message 3: by L.M. (new) - added it

L.M. Schukraft (the_crooked_halo_series) | 15 comments Yes, it will be a series called Welcome to Rebuild. I'm not sure what you mean by same universe but the base characters will reappear in future books in the series.

message 4: by L.M. (new) - added it

L.M. Schukraft (the_crooked_halo_series) | 15 comments oh, and thank you!

message 5: by Michael (last edited May 12, 2018 04:03AM) (new)

Michael Korleone (michaelkorleone) | 3881 comments Thanks for the confirmation, LM. Give me a couple of mins to clean up a few things and get back to you

Had to revert a few edits done by someone else against policy. Everything should be sorted now.

As the author, you can set the paperback edition as default/primary edition - that appears on author page, series page, book searches, etc - by following these steps. Only if you wish to, of course. Normally, the edition that is shelved the most is marked as default but an author has ability to change that

Found your Kindle edition as well on Amazon and added it here. You can set either paperback or Kindle editions as your default edition if you wish

message 6: by L.M. (new) - added it

L.M. Schukraft (the_crooked_halo_series) | 15 comments I'm sorry - by following what steps can I set the default cover that appears?

message 7: by Michael (new)

Michael Korleone (michaelkorleone) | 3881 comments L.M. wrote: "I'm sorry - by following what steps can I set the default cover that appears?"

These steps -

message 8: by L.M. (new) - added it

L.M. Schukraft (the_crooked_halo_series) | 15 comments okay, I think I have it set as the primary edition.

do these changes effect any want to reads that might have been added on the ARC?

I thought for a brief second there were 309 want to reads....I can't even find where I saw that now though :)

The links didn't show up right away from the comment you edited, that's why I asked what steps. Thank you!!

message 9: by L.M. (new) - added it

L.M. Schukraft (the_crooked_halo_series) | 15 comments Oh! And off topic, are authors able to have more than one blog page linked to their author page?

message 10: by Michael (last edited May 12, 2018 05:42AM) (new)

Michael Korleone (michaelkorleone) | 3881 comments As far as I know,

Want-to-read stats are shown for an entire work (so it includes all editions of a book) but on users' WTR shelves they will all have the edition they selected (ARC, in this case). But when users eventually read your book, they would most probably choose the edition they have read (or started reading) and switch their shelving - which can be either Kindle or Paperback.

Changing default editions would affect only which editions are displayed on author page, book searches and series pages. I think on author dashboard (which only you can see) it will still show the cover of first edition created for a book (ARC in this case) but I can't confirm that

Regarding the blog urls, I'm not aware of the rules but you may find a lot of info on GR Author Group here -

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