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(hey I responded, Verena)

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tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
I'm really sorry guys...
someone spilled the beans so I clicked the link to find out and regretted it instantly.

WHY, that is SO AWKWARD, because that's where she met Cagney and Tommy's never even flipping been there, I want to go over to Ms. Birdsall and give her a HUGE SHAKE. THE *$@(* IS THAT, LADY?? UGH. I wish that person had kept their mouth shut.

message 2: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
But everyone is already talking about the fact that it will be Rosalind's wedding. Even I assumed it in my fanfic. Honestly, Skye's marriage with Jeffrey was, well, a bit farfetched after the end of book 4.
But I understand the problem. There was actually no reason for Rosalind and it feels like that Birdsall is constructing her story very hard. With Skeffrey it would be more natural and believeable. I could imagine no reason to return to Arundel unless Birdsall forces them. I still can't understand the good reviews. In the reading preview, the page with the "why marrying at Arundel" is omitted so I don't know. Actually, if you need someone to support you for shaking, I'm in. (:

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tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
ugh ikr?? aw ur so sweet <3 thx for being in! lolol.

This was before I read Luna's post (when life was sweet) so I'm going to delete this as soon as you read it bc we don't need two taking up space :) anyway yeah thx so much!

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