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August Monthly Challenge!!


Easy ~ 1-2 books
Medium ~ 3-6 books
Hard ~ more than 7 books

Themes/clues of the books:
- Friendship Day (August 3 ): It is a day to nurture relationships, new and old. Read book about close friends or friendship.

- Forgiveness Day (August 3 ): It is a time to forgive and to be forgiven. Read a book where someone forgives or is forgiven.

- Book Lover's Day (August 9 ): It is a great day to celebrate the hobby of book reading. Read the book that you love the most.

- Lazy Day (August 10 ): > It is a day to goof off, and definitely not work. Read a book with a lazy or idle protagonist .

- Son and Daughter Day (August 11 ): It is a day to spend with your children. Read a book where the son or daughter plays a major role in the protagonist’s life.

- Relaxation Day (August 18): It is a day to kick back and do nothing. Read a book that relaxes you, your comfort read book.

- Bad Poetry Day (August 18): It is a day to create some really bad verse. Maybe, it exists to allow us to better appreciate good poetry. Read a novel written in verse.

- Be an Angel Day (August 22): This day encourages us to do acts of kindness, and to help others. Read a book with a kind protagonist who helps others.

- Ride the Wind Day (August 23): It is a day to just relax, and let the wind carry you away in whatever direction it is blowing.Read a book where the protagonist is a drifter or on a vacation.

- Kiss and Make Up Day (August 25): Today is a day to end the fight, kiss, and make up. Read a book with enemies-to-lovers trope.

- Just Because Day (August 27): Today’s the chance to do something without a rhyme or reason. Read any book you like "just because".

- Frankenstein Day (August 30): Read a Gothic thriller to relive the horror of Frankenstein.

It is not compulsory to read all the books but read minimum of 2 books.
REMEMBER: This thread is only for posting your progress that too only in one post.
Suggestions and queries can be posted here:

Happy Reading!

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Added you, Kritika :)

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