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Nicole Frail (nicolefrail17) | 5 comments Hi, everyone!

I am a professional fiction and nonfiction editor with more than 100 titles to my name in both adult and children's. I am a full-time, remote senior editor for an independent publishing house headquartered in NYC, but I've also been taking on freelance clients for the past three years and I have some openings for a few new ones!

If you're looking for an editor for your book (with plans to query agents/publishers or to self-publish), I am offering the following services:

*Manuscript critiques/beta reads
-- $50 for first 50 pages, $100 for first 100 pages, $1.25/pg for full MS

*Copy editing
-- $0.008/word

-- $0.007/word

*Blurb/summary support
-- $20

Message me for a quote or with questions about what each service entails, or visit my website at Feel free to click around and see what types of books I've acquired and worked on in the past, too.

Note: I'm running a special promotion for the first 5 authors to book a service before June 1. I have 3 slots available. Work does not have to be ready for reading at time of booking.

Edited to Add: I just realized it's Short Story Month! If you're working on a short story and need a beta read or a proofread, book within the month of May and receive an extra 10% off. This promotion is exclusive to Goodreads so mention you found me here!



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Amber Rogers | 3 comments I'd be interested. Would you prefer to be contacted via email for proper booking?

message 3: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Frail (nicolefrail17) | 5 comments Amber wrote: "I'd be interested. Would you prefer to be contacted via email for proper booking?"

Hi Amber, yes! Email would be preferable so we could go back and forth as needed. :)!

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