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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Sci Fi Genetic engineering scientist book? His wife and daughter die in a fire and there are experiments being done on children and he learns how to alter DNA in the womb

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Kelsey | 3 comments I read this book about 2010-2011. The book follows the scientist perfecting the "virus" to correct genetic problems. He's so focused on curing disabilities that he doesn't realize that human beings will use this to pick and choose what their kids will be like and look like.

Meanwhile there are people already using the unperfected research on children. The children that survive are brilliant and strong and a little inhuman, but they keep dying young. There's a teacher who teaches these children who doesn't quite have all the information she needs but obviously knows something is up.

Theres a young woman following scientist around who looks like his late wife, but she has a different eye color. She's an agent of those who are trying to stop his research.

They end up falling for each other and after he decides to destroy his research she tells him that there could be something wrong with their unborn child and what would he do about it, fix it, or accept it? It ends with the unanswered question.

I think there was a DNA model on a dark blue cover.

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Rainbowheart | 21141 comments Still looking, Kelsey?

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