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Weird And Odd | 370 comments Yes. Singular.

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Weird And Odd | 370 comments Character’s full name: Acelin Jade Alain

ᐧCharacter’s nickname: Ace, Jade, Aja, Lin, ect.

ᐧReason for nickname: She likes to give strangers anything BUT her name.

ᐧBirth date: 02/20

ᐧRace/Species: Necromancer

ᐧAbilities: She can manipulate shadows, see and talk to (as well as summon) ghosts, and can turn almost invisible when in shadows or darkness.

ᐧGender: Female

ᐧSexuality: Panromantic asexual

>>>Physical appearance<<<

ᐧAge: 17

ᐧHow old does he/she appear: 15

ᐧWeight: 100

ᐧHeight: 5'5"

ᐧBody build: Willowy

ᐧEye color: Dark grey

ᐧSkin tone: Pale as all heck

ᐧDistinguishing marks: None

ᐧHair color: Dark black

ᐧType of hair: Thick, wavy hair that falls to her midback.

ᐧHairstyle: Down or in a ponytail

ᐧVoice: Soft and melodic, though she rarely speaks.

ᐧUsual fashion of dress: Baggy and black with leggings and combat boots. Almost like a lil harmless marshmellow.

ᐧFavorite outfit:


ᐧGood personality traits:

ᐧBad personality traits:
-Physically weak
-Socially inept
-Trust issues

ᐧMood character is most often in: Anxious

ᐧSense of humor: Macabre or non-existent

ᐧCharacter’s greatest joy in life: Solitude

ᐧCharacter’s greatest fear: Hurting someone innocent

ᐧWhy? She absolutely hates it when people are afraid of her, but to hurt someone and prove them right is different.

ᐧCharacter is most at ease when: She is alone in the dark, invisible and reading

ᐧMost ill when: She is the center of attention

ᐧEnraged when: Someone who is innocent or weak is hurt

ᐧDepressed or sad when: Anyone dies

-Safety of others

ᐧCharacter’s soft spot: Children and animals

ᐧIs this soft spot obvious to others? Yes, but only when faced with a child or animal

ᐧGreatest strength: Puzzle solving

ᐧGreatest vulnerability or weakness: Physical fights


-Bright lights
-Loud noises
-People her age or older
-Being the center of attention
-Being cold

ᐧDominant/Submissive Type: Quelle?



ᐧType of childhood: Pretty bad

ᐧFirst memory: Being outside. Grass, trees, plants.

ᐧMost important childhood memory: Running away.

ᐧWhy: It was definitely the end of part one and the beginning of part two in her life.

ᐧEducation: Self-taught


ᐧCurrent location:




ᐧColor: Black, grey, white, purple, and blue

ᐧLeast favorite color: Yellow

ᐧMusic: Classical

ᐧFood: Pasta and chocolate

ᐧLiterature: Yes

ᐧForm of entertainment: Drawing or reading

ᐧExpressions: Extremely childish and timid

ᐧMode of transportation: Walking

ᐧMost prized possession: Sketchbook


ᐧHobbies: Sketching

ᐧHow she would spend a rainy day: In the rain, getting ad wet as possible

ᐧSmokes: No

ᐧDrinks: Water

ᐧExtremely skilled at: Drawing

ᐧExtremely unskilled at: Socializing

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