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The Diary of a Young Girl
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May 2018: Family Drama > Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl/Anne Frank - 5 stars

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message 1: by JoLene (last edited May 11, 2018 02:46PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

JoLene (trvl2mtns) | 1532 comments This is a hard book to review given the circumstances of its creation. I chose to give it 5 stars for the historical significance, but I have no doubt that if Anne Frank had lived, she would have written other books that would merit a 5 star review. As most know, this is the diary that Anne kept while in hiding from the time she was 13-15 years old during WWII. Her family was captured in the last days of the war. Yes, this is a teenager's diary, so there is some typical teenage angst. There is also some typical family drama as well as Anne details the love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with her mother. The edition that I read, actually has the entire diary, as originally her father did censure some of the diary (as did Anne herself).

I read Night last month, and like that work, I feel like this is a book that should be required reading. It was amazing to me how this group of people could life under such circumstances for almost 2 years. One of the things that stood out to me on this reading. The group was able to get news from radios and that there was some general knowledge about concentration camps and what was happening to the Jews. For some reason, I didn't think that it was common knowledge -- people just knew that the Jews were being sent away.

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One of my favorite books. I still have mine from childhood with the notes I took when I visited the Anne Frank House. I agree with you, if she had survived I’m certain she would have written 5 star books. She had a spirit in her, even at such a young age.

Magdalena | 414 comments Such an extraordinary and heartbreaking book. I also read the edition with her entire diary I can't help but wonder how she and her father would have felt about her whole dairy published for everyone to see.

Idit | 1028 comments I only read the censored edition (read it when her dad was still alive) but always loved her. She is so feisty!
A comic book was done from the diary last year, by the people who did “Waltz with Bashir”. I think it will be translated to English later in the year. It looks really good

JoLene (trvl2mtns) | 1532 comments I will have to check that out as I really like graphic novels.

Idit | 1028 comments

There it is. October it looks like

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