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Good lesser-known or obscure horror movies?

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message 1: by Randy (new)

Randy Harmelink | 1639 comments He Never Died

Night of the Creeps


Haunted (1995)

Dellamorte Dellamore

message 2: by Benjamin (new)

Benjamin Appleby-Dean (benjaminappleby-dean) A few of my favourites:

Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

Carnival of Souls (1962)

Peeping Tom (1960)

Eyes Without a Face (1960)

Hausu (1977)

The Company of Wolves (1984)

And as for TV:

The Stone Tape (1972)

Ghostwatch (1992)

message 3: by Gianfranco (new)

Gianfranco Mancini | 550 comments

The Void (2017).

An awesome lovecraftian flick and a great homage to John Carpenter's movies and to Lucio Fulci's masterwork: "The Beyond".

Just finished watching it :D

message 4: by Gianfranco (new)

Gianfranco Mancini | 550 comments Randy wrote: "He Never Died

Night of the Creeps


Haunted (1995)

Dellamorte Dellamore"

Love Dellamorte Dellamore (Cemetary man)!
A very good one :)

message 5: by Randy (new)

Randy Harmelink | 1639 comments Two that had an interesting premise, but fell short on execution:

Circle (2015)

Radius (2017)

message 6: by Alan (new)

Alan | 5515 comments Mod
Gianfranco wrote: "

The Void (2017).

An awesome lovecraftian flick and a great homage to John Carpenter's movies and to Lucio Fulci's masterwork: "The Beyond".

Just finished watching it :D"

The Void was the first film that came to my mind. Superb Lovecraftian horror.

Cast a Deadly Spell
+1 (Plus One)
The Conspiracy
Bad Kids Go to Hell
Shadow People (The Door)
The Atticus Institute
Starry Eyes
Europa Report
Jug Face
Suburban Gothic
Harbinger Down

message 7: by Marie (new)

Marie | 3719 comments There is a really good creepy movie out there that I had rented from Netflix years ago and then I found it to buy at Walmart. It is called "100 Feet" - 2008 movie. Very creepy!

Also there are a couple of King movies that were made for tv that does not get mentioned much but they are creepy:

Storm of the Century - 1999
Rose Red - 2002

Also these movies listed below are good too:

The Car - with James Brolin - 1977
Lady in White - 1988
The Possession - 2012

message 9: by Kendall (new)

Kendall Moore | 1 comments Session 9

message 10: by Phil (new)

Phil (chaoseum) | 785 comments Dr Terror’s House of Horrors is a great anthology film from the ‘60s with Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Donald Sutherland. It’s impossible to find on DVD unless you own a player capable of playing region 2 discs, though I do recall finding it on YouTube with Portuguese subtitles awhile back.

message 11: by Phil (new)

Phil (chaoseum) | 785 comments I take back it being impossible to find outside of region 2 - I just saw it’s available on Blu Ray.

message 12: by Kelly B (new)

Kelly B (kellybey) | 605 comments My recommendations:

The Eyes of My Mother
I Remember You
The Gift
Killing Grounds
Les Affames (The Ravenous)
Bone Tomahawk
Last Shift
A Dark Song
Para Elisa (For Elise)
Under The Shadow
The Invitation
The Wailing
No Estamos Solos (We are not alone)
We Are Still Here
Girl Walks Home Alone At Night
High Lane
We Are What We Are

message 13: by [deleted user] (last edited May 14, 2018 07:17AM) (new)

Benjamin wrote: "A few of my favourites:

Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

Carnival of Souls (1962)

Peeping Tom (1960)

Eyes Without a Face (1960)

Hausu (1977)

The Company of Wolves (1984)

And as for TV:

The Stone..."

Hausu is a favourite of mine. Very good surrealist horror film.

message 14: by Jon (new)

Jon (jonobergh) Three suggestions for movies that have depth beyond just the scare element. (I also agree with Carnival of Souls recommended by others).

Shutter (Thai, 2004, not the American remake) - A photographer and his girlfriend accidentally run over a young woman on a dark highway, then guiltily flee the scene. The dead woman begins to intrude into their lives, appearing first in photographs and gradually taking on a more corporeal presence.

Onibaba (Japanese, 1967) - During the 14th century civil wars that caused mass starvation, a woman and her daughter-in-law survive by selling the armor of wayward warriors lured by the women into a gaping pit.

Boys in the Trees ( Australian, 2017) - Two teens on the cusp of adulthood, estranged friends from childhood, reunite to test the bounds of loyalty. Their journey takes them into territory prowled by ghosts, beasts, and memory.

message 15: by Kel (new)

Kel Midthnaetitulla | 39 comments Martin

message 16: by Benjamin (new)

Benjamin Appleby-Dean (benjaminappleby-dean) Jon wrote: "Onibaba (Japanese, 1967) - During the 14th century civil wars that caused mass starvation, a woman and her daughter-in-law survive by selling the armor of wayward warriors lured by the women into a gaping pit."

Good cal - I forgot about Onibaba, haven't seen it for a few years.

Thefiendfromdimensionx wrote: "Hausu is a favourite of mine. Very good surrealist horror film."

Isn't it! And very underseen.

message 17: by [deleted user] (last edited May 17, 2018 07:53AM) (new)

Another one I might recomend is Gozu by Takashi Miike, which has been called the Eraserhead of Japan for it's general weirdness.

I would also recomend anything by the Brothers Quay (Street of Crocodiles, The Unnamable Little Broom, In Absentia) or Jan Svankmajer (Alice, The Flat, Into The Cellar) if you like the works of Franz Kafka, surrealism, stop-motion animation, or experemental filmmaking.

The Void (mentioned earlier) is a neat homage to the era. The people behind it were also responsible for the (much less serious) Manborg, another 80s set film (although this time a homage to the campy action films of the era).

If, like me, you like "so bad it's good" films, I can recomend the astonishingly bad Blood Freak.

message 18: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinbienvenue) | 2880 comments Some movies of lesser known that I plan on watching soon:

Dr Terrors House of Horrors
American Nightmare
Night of the Creeps

message 19: by OliveTree (new)

OliveTree (themostsmooth) | 13 comments This might not count but "Rabbits" by david lynch is the only movie like experience that actually broke me. I couldn't feel normal for a few days after watching it.

message 20: by Alan (new)

Alan | 5515 comments Mod
Scaners, Night of the Creeps and Videodrome are pretty well-known 80s horror flicks.

message 21: by Sonny (new)

Sonny (aero_hdt) | 9 comments THE BABADOOK

message 22: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinbienvenue) | 2880 comments They were obscure to me lol

A good lesser known horror movie is I Still See You starring Bella Thorne. I watched it the other day and it's really good.

message 23: by Arka (new)

Arka Chakraborty (johnnyliono) | 104 comments ONIBABA

message 24: by Rob (new)

Rob | 8 comments Wow. Well...to set myself apart from the pack, I'll go with some disturbing French horror:

Martyrs (original French version)
Inside (again...original French version)
High Tension (no remake that I know of....yet!)

And a favorite American film of mine that literally no one else likes for some odd reason: Lovely Molly

message 25: by JL (new)

JL Shioshita (uberproductions) | 149 comments Noroi by Koji Shiraishi - one of my favorite jhorror and found footage horror films of all time.

message 26: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinbienvenue) | 2880 comments Ooh I been meaning to watch The Carnival of Lost Souls after seeing a poster of it on Pinterest.

message 27: by Kelly B (last edited Jun 13, 2019 08:48PM) (new)

Kelly B (kellybey) | 605 comments This one is totally low budget (and it shows...), but it's the scariest haunted house movie I've ever seen: An American Ghost Story. I had to fast forward one part, and I've never done that before or since.

message 28: by Arka (new)

Arka Chakraborty (johnnyliono) | 104 comments If you like eerie films, there's CURE by Kiyoshi Kurosawa. Not supernatural horror, but an eerie crime thriller.

message 29: by Bruce (new)

Bruce My two favorites are Horror of Dracula (UK title - Dracula) and the first sequel Brides of Dracula. Both are tied for me with Nosferatu, which is more well known. They seem to be less well known than both the earlier films and the later ones, although I could be wrong.

message 30: by John (new)

John | 40 comments Dated but still good, just watched Trilogy of Terror available on Amazon Prime. Based on stories by Richard Matheson and am currently reading The Best of Richard Matheson


Saw a few in the thread that I am going to see if available on the channels I have. Thanks.

message 31: by Randy (new)

Randy Money | 328 comments I second Carnival of Souls (1962) -- spooky little ghost story with some nice effects for a low-budget movie of the time.

I also second The Leopard Man, one of the 1940s movies produced by Val Lewton; I also like The Body Snatcher (not Invasion of the ...; this is a different, period movie) and The Seventh Victim although it took a couple of viewings before I realized how good it was; it's like a precursor to Rosemary's Baby.

More recent, Don't Knock Twice -- not great, but well-done and well-acted. Better yet, The Autopsy of Jane Doe, with Brian Cox and Emile Hirsh, is about as tense and disturbing as you can get.

message 32: by Erin (new)

Erin (ems84) | 7667 comments I liked The Autopsy of Jane Doe.

message 33: by Stephen (new)

Stephen  H (steveheyboer) | 25 comments Belzebuth was really good.

message 34: by Lora (new)

Lora Milton | 202 comments If you watch movies from Amazon video and like Horror/Comedy, this one is very different from the beaten path.


The Old Blood: Flamel's Legacy

"When a modern-day alchemist develops a formula for synthetic blood, a group of traditionalist "Old Blood" vampires take a dangerous interest in the new artificial method of sustaining the undead."

Good music too. It's an indie so it's B-movie production quality, but that just adds to its charm.

message 35: by Anita (new)

Anita (neet413) | 777 comments Accidental Exorcist was pretty good.

message 36: by Laurie (new)

Laurie (evilpuddster) | 26 comments I have to agree with 'Night of the Creeps'

Some others to consider:

Seriously one of the most disturbing movies I've ever seen.

'Us' by Jordan Peele
Super creepy

'Drag Me to Hell'

message 37: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinbienvenue) | 2880 comments Finally saw Carnival of Souls thought it was pretty good. Reminded me of The Twilight Zone.

message 38: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinbienvenue) | 2880 comments Night of the Creeps is definitely a good lesser-known movie.

I think Dawn of the Dead is a bit obscure in the sense it doesn't get as good of credit.

message 39: by Justin (new)

Justin Chen | 12 comments I'm going through a Giallo films phase currently, they are just so atmospheric and stylish. Some recent ones I watched and enjoyed:

- Spasmo (1974)
- Death Walks at Midnight (1972)
- The Fifth Cord (1971)

message 40: by Emmett (new)

Emmett (emmett13) | 63 comments Rob wrote: "Wow. Well...to set myself apart from the pack, I'll go with some disturbing French horror:

Martyrs (original French version)
Inside (again...original French version)
High Tension (no remake that I..."

I just got so excited reading High Tension on that list! Favorite horror film, love it. Martyrs was also great, but definitely uhh.. ickier, haha.

Someone above also mentioned Hereditary? Definitely the most disturbing horror film I have seen in a while.

I would also add:
Green Room
Noriko's Dinner Table
Mientras Duermes

message 41: by John (new)

John Geddie (geddie) | 1 comments There are some great movies on this thread and a bunch I haven't heard of that I'll check out Here's a couple of my horror favs that less people know about.

The Collector (2009) This got dismissed as part of the torture porn period, but it's actually a lot more subtle than that. It's about a construction worker/burglar who breaks into what he thinks is a empty mansion. Once there, he finds that the family is still there and have fallen into the hands of a serial killer. It's very cat and mouse as the thief tries to help while remaining out of sight. Josh Stewart is amazing in this. Because he's trying to stay hidden, most of the movie is in his silent reactions to things. The sequel is ... okay.

The Midnight Meat Train (2008) is an adaption of one of the short stories from Clive Barker's Books of Blood. A New York photographer trying to capture "the real New York" finds himself caught up in killings taking place on the subway. Good stuff with young Bradley Cooper and Vinney Jones.

Vamp (1986) is a real guilty pleasure of mine. More of a horror comedy, but it's funny and moves really well. You have three 80s fraternity pledges visit an urban strip club where the owner and chief performer is vampiric Grace Jones.

Near Dark (1987) is another vampire movie, but is the first one I ever saw that took vampires out of the castles and made them a nomadic clan in the south. There's a bunch of familiar faces, but it seemed to get overshadowed by the Lost Boys.

The Midnight Meat Train

message 42: by Caleb (new)

Caleb CW | 14 comments Dead and Breakfast (just for grins)
Proteus (not sure the year, early 90's, its on YouTube)
Deep Rising (also on YouTube as Deep Deep Rising)
Autopsy of Jane Doe
Dead Silence
Below (a ghost story on a sub)
Carnosaur 2 (just because a velociraptor rips a person's arms off and I think everyone can appreciate that)
The Taking of Deborah Logan (creepiest possession film since Exorcist in my opinion)
Grave Encounters
Dread (2009)

message 43: by Michelle (new)

Michelle | 285 comments I see lots of you have already said Autopsy of Jane Doe. One of my all time favorites. A few I didn't see...or maybe just missed:

Haunt 2019
The Rental 2020
Demonic 2015
Witches in the Woods 2019
The Houses October Built 2014

message 44: by Marco (new)

Marco You like kids? Pick 1976's ¿Quién puede matar a un niño? a.k.a. Who Can Kill a Child?

Based on El juego de los niños.

message 45: by Monica (new)

Monica Go | 628 comments Woooo i love horror movies and talking about them :) I just saw this thread and read all of your comments. I definitely agree with who said The midnight meat train (which I knew nothing about ever) and Lovely Molly as well, practically unknown. I actually have a video talking about some good movies free on TUBI, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOZKC... including these too. But I have other videos about horror movies. I tried to find some lesser none ones.
I liked a lot Martyrs, I just saw it.
A new one always French which I loved is Teddy.
Someone even mentioned Dellamorte dellamore, definitely an obsure one, and it is ispired by Dylan Dog I think.
Maybe The taking of Deborah Logan is a lesser known one as well not bad at all.
Housebound is a fun one.
A classic horror story is a new horror italian movie (can you believe it?!) which wasn't bad for me at all.
But I could go oooon and oooooon :)

message 46: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Gessel (danielmgessel) Climax, a French film about a dance troupe going to a secluded location for final preparations before performance. Not a traditional horror concept but it felt like horror to me.

message 47: by Monica (new)

Monica Go | 628 comments Oh Climax was such a riiiiiiiide! So strange

message 48: by Kasia (last edited Jan 27, 2022 09:33AM) (new)

Kasia (kasia_s) | 3734 comments Mod
The Ninth Gate (1999) one of my favorite movies, period. There was a year or two when I'd come home from work and put it on every single day to let me relax, and just watch it over and over, I wouldn't even watch the whole thing just pick up where I left from last and then restart the next day or day after that. My friends would make fun of me lol, oh whatcha watching, the devil movie again? It's so good tho, it's a very bookish movie too.

message 49: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Gessel (danielmgessel) Monica wrote: "Oh Climax was such a riiiiiiiide! So strange"

It was a work of High Art with dance - treated as High Art - for a setting. My reservation was I'm not sure how I felt about the "monster" (view spoiler).

message 50: by [on hiatus] The rockabilly werewolf from Mars (last edited Jan 27, 2022 10:10AM) (new)

[on hiatus] The rockabilly werewolf from Mars | 484 comments Some random ones I'd recommend:

Malatesta's Carnival Of Blood
Messiah Of Evil
Blood Diner (legitimately my favorite movie of all time)
Two Thousand Maniacs
Neon Maniacs
Carnival Of Souls
Dark August
Spider Baby
Dr. Tarr's Torture Dungeon
The Beyond
I, Madman
Blood Sucking Freaks
Lisa And The Devil
Tales From The Quadead Zone
Dementia (1955)
Night Of The Bloody Apes
The Tingler
X: The Man With X-ray Eyes
Street Trash
Night Of The Demons
Basket Case
Tetsuo: The Iron Man
The Blood On Satan's Claw
Bucket Of Blood
Beyond Dream's Door
A Night To Dismember
The Brain (1988)

I'll probably have some more later, this is just what I can think of off hand. My preferences tend to lean towards older films, essentially low budget ones.

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