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Zac Argyle This book takes place in World War ll in Germany. Anne Frank and her family are a Jews. The Nazis did not like Jews in a whole even if you were with the Nazis. The Nazis were taking all of the Jews to concentration camps all across Germany, so An Frank and her family needed to find somewhere to hide for a very very long time. They did and it was up stairs of where her dad worked and they hid the door with a bookshelf so if the Nazis were to look they would not be warned because of the book shelf. So months past by and there are two families of three on cat and a dentist. Of course if and cant see more than one boy her age she with slowly fall in love with that one boy and she does. But not so long after that, they start hearing noises almost every day i think the all know when they are going to get found and they do but its all surprising to find out how long they have been hiding up there, i Think if i remember right it was 2 years. After they were found everyone who was found with the franks were taken to concentration camps and were later killed.

This is actually a real story. An is telling this story so it is first person. When I first came about this I was very questionable about myself, I was really in to world war ll and I didn't know if this book was going to make it better for me or just make me really dumb. But when I did read it I couldn't stop I really felt like I was going to die when ever I didn't get to read it. The movie kinda fills in my questions I had. If this were to take place here then it would be a lot harder because back then we didn't know a lot compared to this age. I think today if that happened she would be found in a week tops but it could only be one or two days. This story had a good meaning by, not giving up with whatever your doing. This was human vs human conflict.

Brianna Marx nice read that gives an insight on her growth and her fight into adversity. she was such a brave and a special woman to write this masterpiece

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