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Annie and Finnick
Kristen Kristen Jul 29, 2014 02:07AM
Anyone else really want to read about Finnick and Annie from the time they met? Maybe like before they were both picked for the Games, winning, getting to know each other....

Anyone know of a good fanfic about it?

I would read a Finnick book if she wrote one.

deleted user Me too! Finnick was definitely my favorite character.
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Some flashbacks to old games would be cool to read, for sure.

Yeess the Hunger Games needs novellas for: Katniss's parents, Finnick and Annie, Johanna, Haymitch, and Effie.

I would buy that and drop everything I was reading at that moment to read that book because I really want to see their love story more than Katniss and Peeta

And Haymitch's games. Thant would be very popular.

I would like to read about Haymitch's games as well that one would be interesting. And to read about how it was in district 12 when Katniss's dad was still alive, im sure he was a cool dude. He had his secrets to like his get away cabin in the woods. Im sure he has a story.

I know a bunch of fics that were about Annie and Finnick that were super good if you want to read them! I kind of wish Suzanne Collins wrote a book about Finnick and his life because he was one of my favorite characters in the Hunger Games series.

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