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This is our discussion of the short story....

" The Fox and the Forest " by Ray Bradbury

From the anthology The Illustrated Man collection by Ray Bradbury. See The Illustrated Man anthology discussion hub for more info on the anthology and pointers to discussion of its other stories.

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The good news is in 2155 they have time travel; the bad news is no one wants to live then. (Another reference to a future of book burnings; by 2155 you'd think they'd have disintegrators.)
Time travelers from 2155 try to blend into 1936 Mexico. Because if you were going to escape in time, why not the Great Depression? Hunters from 2155 are determined to bring them back.

This is the closest to an "ordinary" story in the collection, with a plot and a little twist ending and all.

RJ - Slayer of Trolls (hawk5391yahoocom) One of the better stories in the collection - it reminded me of something that would have been a good episode of the Twilight Zone. Pursuit through time was probably a novel idea when this was written. Once again, Bradbury's future world is less than an ideal place to live.

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Andrea | 2811 comments One of the few stories that is still set in our future and so is still a possibility even for modern readers :)

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