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This is our discussion of the short story....

" Marionettes, Inc. " by Ray Bradbury

From the anthology The Illustrated Man collection by Ray Bradbury. See The Illustrated Man anthology discussion hub for more info on the anthology and pointers to discussion of its other stories.

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Two guys walk into a bar... First guy asks how friend ditched the old ball & chain; the other reveals he's made an automaton of himself so the old lady thinks he's home. From this, two opposing stories follow, both in a more traditional mode: One: (view spoiler) That's cute. Two: (view spoiler) That's a more traditional take.

RJ - Slayer of Trolls (hawk5391yahoocom) This one was light-hearted fun. It had that little Twilight Zone twist near the end. Entirely predictable however.

Donald | 157 comments Second felt inevitable, first caught me by surprise and made me chuckle.

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