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Alana (alanasbooks) | 1189 comments Mod
Please comment on this classic.

Mike Certainly a dangerous book in the context of where & when written. A deeply metaphoric novel with allusions to atheism, the Soviet state and the nature of good & evil.

Irene | 1550 comments I finally started this one over the weekend. I have read about 125 pages and am totally perplexed. I was apprehensive going into it. I knew it was magical realism which I usually do not understand and rarely like. But, I also know that it is highly acclaimed. It just feels like one weird hallucination after another. I know it is supposed to be symbolic of Soviet culture mid-century, but I still don't get it.

Irene | 1550 comments I finished this in the early hours of the morning. I forced myself to stay up until it was done. I honestly have to admit that I did not understand it. It might be brilliant. It must be because so many people I admire say it is. Maybe if someone could explain it to me, I would be able to crack the code. But, it left me totally baffled.

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Phoenix | 46 comments I bought this on Amazon because my library didn't have it, and I read the first chapter, but unfortunately I just didn't get to finish it in May. I was thinking about taking it on vacation with me but now I'm not sure if I should! Congrats Irene for sticking with it till the end... which is more than I can say for myself when I encounter books that I do not understand. I have a whole shelf for abandoned books. Haha.

Irene | 1550 comments Don't let my perplexity discourage you. Many people have given this 5 stars and have it on their best book shelves. You are probably more perceptive and smarter than I am .

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