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bubblewaffles | 255 comments Hello~

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bubblewaffles | 255 comments Could you send them?

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 2475 comments Sure thing.


1. Once there was a prince. He was cursed to be a wolf by day and human by night. When he was nine he and father went to another country to meet with another King. One day he teased a girl, who he did not know she was the witch's daughter. Now it has been eleven years and the prince's mother is hosting a ball as it is time for him to pick a wife. Now the witch's daughter is now as beautiful as all the other maidens in the land. Since it has been a long time, the prince and witch's daughter don't (maybe the witch's daughter does) remember who they are. We can work from there.


2. The other one is just like the princess and the pauper, except that the princess grows up on a farm (or down in the town) while the one who she is switched with grows up in the castle.

Eighteen years ago something happened. To protect Muse A, the king and Queen brought her to a farm (or a shop in the town). She has lived there all of her life ever since she was just a baby. Muse A is a princess hidden and protected on a farm. She does not even know she is the princess. Muse B has lived in the castle since she was a baby. She was born the same day as Muse A. Now has been eighteen years later the King and Queen host a party at the for the princess's 18th birthday.

(This one is not a romance unless we somehow make it to be. Also if you have any questions just ask.)


3. Drag x Non-Drag

Muse A has grown up and close with his four sisters, so throughout the years of growing up, he has come to dressing up in female clothes. Around age sixteen he became more dedicated to dressing up. He even gave his female side a name. Now two years later he finished high school and got himself a full-time job as a drag queen, and maybe a few side jobs here and there. Now he is twenty-one and impatient on finding a boyfriend. Muse B is a hard working individual who is not having it. At first, he thought his job would last him, but he decided that it was time. He decides to quit. So one night Muse A is putting on a show at a local nightclub, the main act, and the same night Muse B shows up. It did not take long before Muse A catches his eye.

Fast forwards a few more years, Muse B finally has the job he always wanted, but to his surprise, he has to train the new employee, Muse A.

We can decide what to after that.


4. It is a musician X non-celebrity

Muse A is a music celebrity, but he has a secret. He cross-dresses as a woman. This is the only way he could experience everything else without being noticed or bombarded by his manager. He has traveled all over the world, so one day they arrive in a small town, ready to perform. It has been some number of years and they have been pushed to their limits as they are only supposed to prepare for every show. As usual Muse A heads out as usual but does not expect to bump into Muse B who (can or cannot be a fan of Muse A). The one problem is that Muse B does not know that the female he meets is Muse A.

We can go from there.


5. Youtube Collab

Muse A and Muse B are both fellow YouTubers with 3-6 million subscribers each. Both of them have heard of each other before and have watched each other's videos, but they have never collaborated or seen each other at Vidcon and such. Muse A really wants to meet Muse B, who he's had a crush on ever since he began watching his videos, so he thinks of a collaboration video that he could do with Muse B and invites him to [ name of state ] through Twitter. Muse B, who's also had a crush on Muse A since he began watching his videos, agreed to come to [ said state ] and do the video. When Muse A and Muse B are filming the video with the help of a few friends, something happens that causes the boys to get real deep and confess their feelings for each other.

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bubblewaffles | 255 comments I like 1, 2 or 4, which is your favourite?

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bubblewaffles | 255 comments Okie. Would you prefer Muse A or Muse B?

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bubblewaffles | 255 comments Okie dokie. Do you want to get started on character profiles? And do you have a specific template?

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 2475 comments I have my character already.


Name: Luke Inaman
Alias: Gianna Rose
Age: Looks 18, but is 21

Gender: Male
sexuality: homosexual


Male side -

Female side

Favorite look

one of his other favorite wigs

Personality: He is very serious about everything. Most of the time he is happy but keeps everything to himself. If you set him off, he will be really angry.
Distinguishing Marks: Has a white lily down the middle if his back.

Occupation: Singer/ musician

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bubblewaffles | 255 comments Name: Thomas "Tommy" John Gleeson
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual

Personality: He is a little bit playful, but almost is always focused on his tasks at hand, and has a huge obsession with Luke Inaman, who was the very reason for his own sexual awakening. He likes to learn about something, and is interested in not only science but also mechanics.

Occupation: College student/Starbucks™ barista

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 2475 comments I will post first, but it will be in the morning.

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bubblewaffles | 255 comments Okay, thanks :)

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 2475 comments
Luke sat at the vanity in his tour bus that was turned into a trailer as well. He sighed as he checked his phone, waiting patiently for his manager to pester him about practicing. He stared into the mirror and adjusted one of his wigs, thinking to himself. He was thankful they were going to be in town for more than three days, so he had time to go out and check things out. He finally stood up and picked out cute wedge cowboy heels and a knee-high royal blue dress. He took a deep breath before letting it out before fixing his make up real fast. He had to make this quick. No more than fifteen minutes then he had to get back before his manager catches him.

Luke grabbed the purse and snuck out as quickly and quietly as possible. It did not take long to finally be out of range of everyone. He slowed his pace down, thinking to himself. This was a new pace so he needed to be careful of which direction he took. The last thing he wanted was to go down the wrong street. He glanced around at everyone. He did not have a destination but he did want to just get as far away from his manager as possible. He turned back around and was to contemplate which way he was going, it was all too much. He hummed the melody to his new song as he walked. He was glad to be out and about.



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Tommy was out of school since it was a Saturday. He took a little bag with his wallet, his phone and his student ID as he headed down to the small cafe that he frequented at afterschool and on weekends in the morning. He had just woken up, despite it practically being halfway through the day. He needed to clear his mind and eat lunch for just an hour or two, maybe. Normally, he met some interesting people at the cafe, and he was up for that. He twirled his fingers in the air as he walked.

He sighed. It had only been his second year at college, and already he was more stressed out than ever, especially with all of the work and papers that he had long overdue because he never had time to do them. He walked along the streets, striding a little bit perhaps, as he softly hummed one of his favorite singer, Luke's songs. He was really hungry and craving something sweet and something savory, but he couldn't have both, or else he'd gain like twenty pounds, or at least that was what ended up happening last time.

((ohmygosh that outfit is so cute :) ))

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Luke sighed and began humming the new song he was working on. He stopped walking and turned around, glanced around seeing what was around him. He bit his lip before walking again, but only to stop at the window of a sweet shop. He let his eyes roam the many treats on show. "I wish I could get something, but I only have no more than ten minutes before I have to get back, but there are so many choices to choose from." He whispered to himself, craving something sweet.

((I know right?! That is why I used it.))

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bubblewaffles | 255 comments
Tommy continued down the street, spotting the always open sweet shop whose business often hauled in plenty of money. It was run by the sweetest couple in town, Sammy, and Ricca, who were always so happy that Tommy couldn't bear to spend more than five minutes with them. He skidded to a stop when he noticed this beautiful girl, obviously not from the town, standing in front of the store, looking at the sweets, obviously. He smiled, remembering the first time he had been in front of this store.

"Hey!" Tommy exclaimed, smiling. He knew that anyone who stood in front of the sweet shop was often craving something sweet, or just had a sweet tooth in general, something which he had. He also knew the store back and forth, and which treats were worth getting.

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Luke stepped back and was about to go inside when he heard someone he jumped a little on the inside. He ran his fingers through his hair and smiled at the guy. "Hey." He glanced between the guy and sweet shop. "I am new in town, besides this sweet shop, is there any interesting places to visit in this town?" He questioned him as he switched the purse from one shoulder to the other shoulder. There was nothing he could say considering he was not much of a person to flirt with anyone. The last time he even tried was when he was with his grandparents and he saw this guy who was only into girls. How was he supposed to know that? It was fine in the end so now he tried to stay away from trying at least. At some point though, he did want to try to find someone to love and care about.

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Tommy smiled. "You certainly found the right guy to show you 'round this fine lil' town." He used a little bit of a funny country accent. "Well," He switched back to his normal accent. "Besides this sweet shop, there is this awesome cafe just around the corner that has the best pastries, sweet and savory." He rubbed his stomach a little. "My favorite savory treats is this ham and cheese toast. Mmmmmm, just the best. And my favorite sweet treats is this amazing chocolate croissant. It's just the best. Mmmmmmm." He knew that he was exaggerating a little, but he was really a huge foodie and loved to eat, just didn't like the aftermath. The girl was really pretty, but some parts of him just really reminded him of a boy, but he quickly brushed that aside, not wanting to think of stupid thoughts that would later lead to another stupid breakup.

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Luke chuckled at the other male's change of accent. He listened to the other male, making note of where the best places to eat were. "But is there anything to do as of activity wise?" He questioned him as he did not know his name, but was helpful. Luke stood there, watching the guy. There was something about him. He smiled at the other male as he slipped his phone out when he could hear it vibrate. He checked the caller and realized his manager was calling. He took his pen and paper out before writing his number. He folded the paper up and handed it to Tommy. "Here, take this as I have to go." He spoke, hoping the other guy would take paper so he could take this call.

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Tommy nodded. The girl could be really busy, for all he knew. So, he graciously took the piece of paper. "Activity-wise, there's a park down the street and this amazing small carnival down the street from there." He said that quite quickly, hoping that the girl could pick that up. "Okay. I'll see you 'round, right?" He asked, his voice coming out more desperate than he was. He cursed in his mind. Why did he always sound so stupid? "I mean, if you have time, I mean, I have your number, so...umm"

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The moment the other male took the piece of paper, Luke gave him a genuine smile, "Excuse me, but I have to get going." He excused himself before turning and walking off. He sighed to himself as turned away and answered the phone, walking away from anyone before answering, "Of course I am in my trailer..." He trailed off as he made his way back to his trailer. He walked as fast as he could, making sure the other male did not hear him use his male voice.

He bit his lip as he headed back to his trailer to change. His manager was going to be pissed at him for showing up late. He sat down at the vanity he set up and stared into the mirror, thinking about the guy. There was no way he was going to forget him. He put his wig on the mannequin head before taking off the make up he had on and changing into his rehearsal clothes.

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Tommy sighed wistfully. He thought he was going to have a chance with a good-looking person, but as usual, everything turned out the opposite way as he wanted. At least he still had her phone number. He hoped it was real, anyway. He continued to walk towards the cafe, hoping to find something that would satisfy his currently growing appetite. He sighed again, hoping that the girl would remember him, like he'd remember her, for the next while, he hoped. He should probably call the girl when he reached the cafe, hopefully, she'd pick up, but she'd probably be busy anyway.

He entered the cafe, picking up an iced mocha, a small pot pie, and a chocolate croissant. He nibbled away at the food, smiling after every bite. he picked up his phone, contemplating whether or not he should call the girl. He finally quickly tapped the phone, bringing it to his ear. Inhaling and exhaling as calmly as he could, he waited for the girl to pick up. Hopefully, she would. Otherwise, he just looked like an idiot.

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Luke had just finished changing when his phone began to ring. he frowned for a second as he did not recognize the number. It took him a few seconds to realize who was calling. He took a deep breath and used his female voice. "Hello?" He questioned as he could feel himself get a little red in the cheeks. He took a deep breath and relaxed, waiting for the other male to answer.

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Tommy smiled when she picked up. "Hey." He replied, after hearing the girl's voice through the phone. "I'm sorry if I'm bothering you, but I just had to check if this number worked. You are really pretty, I mean, I really wanted to get to know you more after today's earlier events." He smiled, wishing he could send smiles through the phone.

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"Of course this number is real. Why would I have given you this number..." He trailed off as he could not believe the guy's compliment. "I am Gianna." He added as he wondered what the other guy's name was. He glanced out the window, spotting his manager walking towards the door of his tour bus. "Of course, we hang out more. There is a Luke Imaman Concert tomorrow evening and I have an extra ticket, would you like to join me?" He questioned quickly.

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Tommy smiled, glad that he was finally learning her name. Gianna. That was a pretty name. "L-l-l-l-luke Inaman?" He stuttered a little. "Of course! Why would anyone ever say no? He was my first celebrity crush, I mean crush, I mean, sure! I'd love to go. Where do you want to meet?" He asked, not wanting to hang up just yet.

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Luke thought for a moment, taken back at what the other male said. He was this guy's celebrity crush. "I almost forgot to mention, I have backstage passes as well." He added as really did have two. "And we can meet at the concert venue." He answered as he hoped he could maybe spend some time with the guy afterwards. "I have to go, but what was your name?" He questioned.

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Tommy squealed right into the phone, unable to contain his excitement. He really, really, really, wanted the chance to meet Luke Inaman more than anything else in the world. After all, Luke was his first crush. He desperately hoped that Gianna wasn't messing with him. "My name's Tommy, well, it's not, but everyone calls me Tommy, so...Tommy it is." He hated that he had to hang up so soon, but didn't want to disturb her for any longer.

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"It is a pleasure to meet you Tommy and meet outside the venue half an hour before the show." He informed him before finally hanging up, leaving Tommy hanging. He slipped his phone into his back pocket just as he heard a knock. "I am coming." He called to his manager before opening the door and pushing himself past them. "I know, I know. I was caught up with something." He informed his manager before entering the venue.

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"O-" Tommy was cut off by the buzzing that resumed from this end of the phone. He sighed. She must've been really busy if she hung up on him. Either that or he didn't like him the way that he liked her. "Yes, I still want that." The waitress almost took away his almost finished chocolate croissant, who placed her hands up in surrender, going to look for another plate to take back into the kitchen. He sighed, taking another sip of his iced mocha before starting to think about what would happen at tomorrow night's concert. He was overjoyed and excited about it.

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 2475 comments ((It is tomorrow night, not tonight))

From what he could tell his manager was a little upset at him for stalling rehearsal time. He was going to try his hardest to make up for it. He sighed and got into position to start rehearsal. He hoped it would not take that long since he had the urge to text Tommy. It was not that bad of an urge, but it was something. When he saw him on the streets, there was something about him that caught his eye.

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((whoopsies changed it, also, I'm going out for lunch, so I'll reply in an hour, maybe later, because of my parents))

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 2475 comments ((Do you want to skip to the next day or no?))

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bubblewaffles | 255 comments ((I mean, if you want?))

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 2475 comments ((next day))

Like was sitting at his vanity once again as he got ready to go meet Tommy. He worked on his makeup first, blushing at what the other male said. The fact that Tommy said that he had a huge crush on him was perfect. All he needed to do was to get a conversation going once the show is over and maybe see if there was a possibility of him to join the tour, but right now, he needed to give Tommy his ticket and backstage pass.

Luke put the last touches on before taking his wig and slipping it on. He took his wallet, phone and the ticket and backstage pass before sneaking out and waiting for the other male at the spot he had told him to meet.

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Tommy grumbled as it was Sunday, then a huge smile appeared on his face and he screamed when he realized that he was going to meet Luke Inaman and Gianna from yesterday. He sat up and headed to the bathroom for a shower, afterward, he changed into his black t-shirt and white jeans, going for a more classic look. He was really excited about it, more than he had ever been about anything.

He slowly started to head outside the venue, too excited to even contain his excitement before it exploded. He took a deep breath, not wanting to risk embarrassing himself in front of Gianna and Luke.

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Luke leaned against the wall, humming the new song he was writing. He bit his bottom lip, holding the ticket and backstage pass. If the next few hours could go well, before Tommy could go backstage and meet the real him, everything would be perfect. There was a slight chance that he might have a small crush on him. Part of him wanted to date him and ask him if he would be his boyfriend, but for some odd reason, Tommy would probably reject the idea. He sighed as he glanced left and right, searching for the other male.

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Tommy smiled as he strolled down the rather busy streets of his small town, humming his favorite Luke Inaman song that he had practically memorized. He smiled, but he was a little bit nervous about doing something stupid or collapse on the floor from a heart attack about finally attending a Luke Inaman concert. He bounded down the street, weaving through the crowds left and right, until he found Gianna. Standing on the street. His lips curled into a smile. Man, she was so pretty.

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Luke stood up straight and smiled when he spotted Tommy in the crowd. He gave a quick wave as he wanted him to hurry up. He switched hands as he held up the tickets and backstage passes for Tommy to see. There was no doubt that he was not lying about the tickets and backstage pass.

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Tommy smiled when she waved at him, running when he realized she was asking him to hurry up. His grin grew huge when he noticed the tickets and backstage passes. "Holy cow!" He exclaimed, overjoyed. These were the best two days of his entire existence so far. Not only had he met a girl whom he liked, but he was so close to meeting Luke Inaman.

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Luke held the backstage pass and ticket towards Tommy, "Here is your ticket and backstage pass." He chuckled at Tommy's excitement. He was glad Tommy was excited. "So, what is your favorite song from Luke Inaman?" He questioned Tommy as he was curious. He checked his phone for the time and then turned the phone off. "And how long have you been listening to him?" He added.

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Tommy was so excited that he was quite close to exploding. "Thanks Gianna. My favorite song? That would be any song where he sings, but I can't decide! It's like asking a book nerd to pick their favorite book! I've been listening to him for plenty of years since I was eleven." The grin on his face was huge, and he was far too happy for this.

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Luke blushed on the inside at the answer Tommy made. The guy he was talking to was a dedicated fan and he liked that. He chuckled. "I get it." He smiled at Tommy as he spoke. "How about we go find our seats." He suggested as he motioned towards the tickets. He checked and they were front row. "They are also front row tickets by the way." He added.

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"Holy cow!" Tommy exclaimed, for the sake of everyone else around them. If there hadn't been anyone, curse words would've been better in use. "Please tell me you're not messing around with me!" He practically screamed. He was so overjoyed. He felt so lucky that he got the chance to sit in the front row, or even attend a concert. His parents were not a huge fan of his huge Luke obsession.

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 2475 comments
"No joke." He answered him as he chuckled. "And I am not messing with you. I have personally met Luke himself and he instructed him to take a second ticket and backstage pass. He wanted me to find someone to take to see his concert." Luke answered Tommy, "So let's go in and get our spots." He added as he motioned towards the door, questioning if the other male would question where he disappeared to, but he was also worried about whether or not Tommy would be upset when he discovers he had been talking to Luke the whole time.

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Tommy's eyes were so wide they almost popped out of their sockets. He followed Gianna into the door, and he looked for their seats. "This is so amazing." He eyes were practically sparkles. "You know Luke? How close to him are you?" He asked, not knowing how to contain his excitement that was this close to bursting through the seams. He was so excited, then he hesitated for a second. What if this was all a dream? It was too real to be true. THere had to be something wrong with this. Something not right that would let him down. He sighed heavily, returning the smile to his face. It might have been a dream, but he was going to enjoy as long as it could.

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Luke shrugged and tilted his head back and forth. "To a degree. I have gone to his concerts a lot..." He trailed off, smiling to himself since he had been to all of his concerts. "Anyways, here we are." He stepped to the side, waiting for Tommy. "I have to go to the washroom, but you can take a seat." He spoke as he pointed towards their seats.

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Tommy nodded "'Mkay, see you later!", heading into the seat and sitting down. He was so happy to be here that he could barely contain himself. He watched the stage carefully, feeling like if he looked anywhere else that he would end up floating away and flying into outer space. He hoped that Gianna wouldn't take too long and that Luke would get on stage soon. The excitement was uncontainable.

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Luke made his way out of the building before sneaking back to his trailer to change into performance outfit. He sat at the vanity, sighing to himself, blushing, remembering the comment Tommy made earlier. He cleared the makeup he had on and put the wig on the mannequin head before heading out to the stage, hoping his manager doesn't come up to him before the show.

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