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message 1: by Winx (new)

Winx Vestrit (40winx) | 48 comments Mod
Hey everyone! What are you thinking about Foundation? I hope you're all enjoying it! :)

Have you read Asimov before? What do you think about psychohistory/psychomathematics? How about the religion based on science? Let's discuss all your thoughts!

message 2: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (boymomoftwo) | 5 comments I’m a little late. I just checked in at the end of my school year and thought I’d wait for the next book so I could start at the beginning, but then I went to the library and Foundation was displayed on the first table. It seemed like a message lol. I started yesterday, and I’ve gotten through part 3. It’s such an easy and quick read. I surprisingly like that the characters aren’t really developed, but mainly used only to propel the story of this new world. It’s helping me focus on the big picture, which I feel like represents psychohistory.

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