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a large hallway decorated with statues of past kings of illea, and often frequented by most people

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After leaving the introduction room with his twin sister, Adrien found himself wandering the hallways of the castle. They were large and often full of people, but after spending his entire life wandering these halls, the young prince knew exactly where people frequented, and where they didn't. A couple of turns down the halls, past a statue of his great-great grandfather, and Adrien found himself in a hallway where only one guard stood.

It was easy to get lost in the huge castle, but Adrien never did. He'd been able to navigate the castle on his own since he was three years old. The only thing that got lost nowadays was Adrien's head as his mind wandered off when he paced. Today was no different. Adrien stood, staring out of a large window, as he contemplated what he'd seen of the Selected so far. It would be hard to pick his spouse from the large group of people, probably even harder to do so with his sister nagging him constantly. Adrien was willing to bet that she had already gone through and picked out his spouse for him. With a sigh, he turned away from the window, but his eyes settled on somebody else, other than the guard, walking through the hall. Curiously, he walked towards her, recognizing her from the introduction room. She was a potential spouse for him, and Adrien figured he might as well get a head start on meeting her one-on-one.

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After the whole introduction, Mercedeses immediately left the room, not exactly interested in staying after to chat with all of the awkward, and honestly somewhat annoying people with such positive personalities, she left right after the princess and prince did, not in fact following them but going in an absolute different direction. She felt homesick, not just for her home, but for her family, her instruments, her mom. Oh right. That’s why she was here, her mom. The selection wasn’t really an event that her family tried to win, it was more like a tradition in her family, one woman from each generation would go to compete but never win, because they usually had someone waiting for them back home. Last generation it was her father who had such an honor. But for Mercedeses she just wanted to leave and go home. She hadn’t touched her telecaster in about twenty four hours. Then the thoughts of her trying to play Nirvana at about twelve in the morning was not going to go over well. What could she say she was a night owl.

A little chuckle escaped from her lips into the empty corridor, letting her look up only to not see any familiar surroundings. This was a different part of the castle than she had tried to enter. She was trying to find the gardens, not what random hallway this was. Deciding to simply give up, she decided to wander around trying to see if she would even be able to find her suite before nightfall. That was of course before she did a double take of who was approaching her. Doing a small curtsy before the prince she glanced out the windows only to see the front lawn of their gorgeous castle. “Excuse me Prince but would you be willing to point me to your garden?” From there she would be able to find her way.

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Adrien stopped a decent distance away from the girl, trying to remember her name. She knew his, of course, everyone in Illéa did. "Of course." Adrien responded to her question. "I'll show you to the garden if you tell me your name." He bargained a bit, trying to test the waters and at least get to know her a little bit before sending her off. She looked a bit surprised to see him, which was expected. Anyone would be startled to come across the prince while trying to find their way outside, but especially someone who was to be competing to be Adrien's partner in marriage.

Giving the girl the once-over, Adrien determined a few things. One, she was attractive. Perhaps the perfect amount of attractive-- pretty, but not pretty enough to overtake his level of handsomeness. Two, she seemed to be of a higher caste, perhaps a Two or a Three, based on her outfit. Princess Eva would approve of her in that case. Third, she didn't seem as intimidated by him as Adrien expected. The girl wasn't shying away or looking any type of scared, she simply asked him a question about where she was going and left it at that.

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The prince was making a bargain with her for something so simple as her name. It was a bit silly made a faint smile reach her lips. “Well, I guess that my name isn’t too much of an unreasonable request. Mercedeses. Although, those closest to me call me Mercy.” As the prince took a couple of glances at her, she did her own survey. Goodness. He was genuinely perfect. Well, for what beauty standards in this country were. Straight hair, but not too gelled, perfect teeth, fair skin, beautiful eyes, why she only knew of a couple people that rivaled her beauty like this, and she decided to add him to the list. Clearing her throat, she called attention back to the task at hand before patiently waiting for him to lead the way.

Today hadn’t been as bad as she had thought, which was quite surprising seeing as she didn’t even want to be here, she was without of the feeling of strings underneath her fingertips. “Your highness? Do you happen to have a music room? I’m not exactly sure if anyone in your family has a passion for music, but if you do is it off limits?” Her Dominican accent rolled off her youngest, as if she didn’t feel anymore out of place here already.

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"Mercy. I like it." Adrien repeated quietly. Her accent was gorgeous, Adrien had taken a liking to her already. The Prince took note of the way she was staring at him, as expected. He was the exact idea of the perfect prince, and he knew it. With a simple clear of his throat, he answered her question. "The Palace has a large music room, with lots of instruments. It's quite private too, if you don't like to play for an audience."

With a smile, Adrien extended a hand to her. "I can show you to it, if you'd like. Of course, if you don't find the instrument of your liking in the room, I can always have one brought into the castle for you. What is it that you play?" He inquired with a tilt of his head. He loved music, and knew some piano, but that was it. He was far from a musical talent, but was most definitely a fan of classical pieces. Mercy was probably a beautiful player, and Adrien would love to hear her play someday. Maybe he could turn it into a date, he thought to himself.

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A smile appeared on her face, listening to the quiet dialogue. He was quite the charmer, and she was almost one-hundred percent sure that he knew he was too. He knew she was to put it rather simply ‘checking him out’. He didn’t seem to mind it too much though, seeing as he continued on. “Oh that sounds absolutely wonderful, I just hope it’s sound proof, I wouldn’t like to bother others too much seeing as now I know you have you, I’ll be in there often.” The though of having keys under her fingers, or a flute at her lips made her fears flutter more than any person had.

Glancing at the generous hand place out for her, she gracefully took it, lightly lifting up her dress to show only the tips of her heels as she slowly walked along with him. “Oh goodness. That’s a question.” Letting our a small laugh, she began to name the many instruments she played. “Well, back in Dominica, our family is very well known for our creative talents, my father and brother both act, but like my late mother, I play pretty much everything. Electric guitar is my favorite, but the upright bass comes as a close second. The grand piano is something I admire greatly, but these are just a few. The ones I practice the most of course.” Taking the time to look through the windows, she admired the beauty of Illèa before continuing to talk. “So, your royal highness, do you yourself have any hobbies you enjoy?”

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“Even if it wasn’t soundproof, I’m sure the rest of the castle would love to hear you play.” Adrien told her, one eyebrow settled in a lazy arch. “In fact, I’d love to hear you play someday, if you’re okay with that.” He suggested, holding out a hand for her to take. He would walk her to the music room, and show her a bit of it, as he could tell that she would be frequenting it often.

Mercy seemed very talented based on how many different types of music she played, things as edgy as an electric guitar to as simple and classic as a piano. It was an interesting melody of instruments that she mentioned, but Adrien found it intriguing. “Hobbies?” He echoed the word, trying to think. Truthfully, aside from the fact that he was a prince, he didn’t have much to say about himself in terms of hobbies. “I like to paint.” He told her. He had only done a few pieces himself, but enjoyed them while he was creating.

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Mercedeses had to say, talking him the prince had been much more enjoyable than she had thought it would, not that she would let him know that, yet anyways. He was kind or at least he had shown himself as kind, and she was actually invested in their conversation, because he had shown genuine interest in her. “Who knows, maybe the castle would enjoy being awoken by a song by Soundgarden.” As she thought about it, she had considered giving him a one man concert. She did enjoy singing to be crowds, but small performances was where it got a a little nerve wrecking. You could see their eyes. “Maybe. Who knows, you might just walk in on me practicing from time to time.” She replies somewhat cheekily, having just a bit of fun already.

Music definitely wasn’t a hobby for her, it was a life line, but she knew the Prince’s duty. It was to his people. “Painting? Hmm maybe we could have a day together where we show each other our art. I would certainly like to see what your royal highness has created with his own hands.”

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The smile that graced Adrien’s lips was small, but it was still there, the corners of his mouth quirking up into a smile. “Perhaps.” He said, considering the possibility. He hadn’t showcased much of his art at all, not really thinking it was that great. Truly, it wasn’t, it was just liberating to be able to pick up a paintbrush and create anything he wanted on an empty canvas.

“The music room is up ahead.” The Prince informed her. “Right down the big hallway, past the statues and grand staircase. It’s the fifth room on the right.” He knew the castle like the back of his hand, giving directions was easy. But he would always show Mercy if she needed further help.

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