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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Historical romance : duke and duchess (girl rescued from being forcibly admitted to a mental hospital by a duke’s mother, fell in love with said duke, kidnapped by the evil guardian/uncle, ran

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message 1: by Baliislander (new)

Baliislander | 1 comments So my laptop is damaged and all my ebooks files are gone. A few years ago i read this novel, and i’m desperately trying to find it again.

Here is all i can remember about the book (a historical romance) : about a girl who was admitted to a mental hospital by her evil uncle/guardian because of inheritance (?) then rescued by a duke’s mother. She stayed at the ducal home in the country, duke then arrived, they fell in love but never confessed, got married. The heroine didn’t think the duke truly love her, then her evil uncle came/kidnapped her, then confrontation while the duke tried to save her by lying (that she meant nothing to him basically)also, then there was a fire. She, brokenhearted, fled london and went into hiding at a convent (?) while pregnant. The duke tried to find her via her solicitor, and he finally came and they reconciled.

I read this book the first time around 2010/2011 so definitely it was ounlished before or during that time

Please please to whose who know what this book is, please let me know. I spent 6hours googling and trying to check out all romance novels with dukes in it and still cant find it.

message 2: by Zenta (new)

Zenta  (juljeta) | 193 comments Maybe Silk and Steel by Kat Martin

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