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Was it Cal, Kilorn or Maven!?

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Katie This may be silly but curiosity won me over, so I had to do this. This is my second time reading the series in preparation for War Storm (eeek!) so the second time around I catch things. What things? Hmmm, oh Idk like... I think Cal wasn’t Mares first! Here’s why!

After the rain and rolling in the mud scene on the Piedmont base, this was what followed. I quote:

“You look like a shrub,” he says, sporting an almost-manic smile.

“That’s exactly what you’re supposed to say.”

Cal nearly giggles. “How would you know?”

“I—ugh,” I deflect, ducking into the entrance.”

Ummmmm so clearly she DEFLECTED! So what was she deflecting from?? Like maybe the fact that she knows exactly what it’s supposed to be like afterwards!? My first thought flies to Kilorn. Like ok I get it they were BFF’s, it could happen. But thennn I kept reading. And again, I quote:
“I thought it would be different. I thought I would feel different. Cal’s touch has not erased Maven’s. My memories are still there, still just as painful as they were yesterday. And as much as I try, I have not forgotten the canyon that will always stretch between us. No kind of love can erase his faults, just like none can erase mine.”

Like wait, WHAT!? How did I not realize this the first time!?!? Sooo she thought Cal would erase Mavens touch!? Like as in touch TOUCH?? Idk maybe I’m reading way in between the lines but I mean come on, there’s just so much left unsaid in these short unexplained sentences! If I’m just being crazy... cool, ignore me, if not and you have a theory please respond! Soooo curious!

:) happy readings to all!

*side note* had some funny GIFs but had a hard time posting 🤷‍♀️

Mick Honestly I think you might be on to something. I was definitely confused by that part and I never understood the depth of love that mare had for maven given they only kissed once (not that you need to have sex to be in love) but it seemed like the author was definitley leaving a lot out about their relationship. So I definitely think it could have been maven first...BUT I also feel like maven would have taken every opportunity to rub it in cal’s face that he had had her first you know?

Chloe That's actually a good question. I agree with you though, I feel like Maven wouldn't have not rubbed it in Cal's face, but it could've been Kilorn. Or It could have been a different guy from before she came to the palace. If reread it I'll definitely pay more attention!

CassidyC Ok, I know that in a lot of books these "love triangle" things are super cheesy and whatever. But in this series, the whole romance thing is so heart wrenching! You can't help but be angry at Mare for being so arrogant and not being able to choose who to be with at times, but at the same time, you can sympathize. You want her to be with Maven and even after he betrays her you still want him to be better. After Mare's affair with Cal, you want her to be with him but you're torn because Maven is hurt. And then there's Kilorn...oh my. I feel like everyone can agree that he loved Mare, almost unconditionally. She did, in fact, save him, but I feel like he was always her "guardian angel" or something. As much as I "hate" Victoria Aveyard for making me feel torn apart by these characters and their relationships, that just means that she's an amazing author who has the ability and the skill to make people fall in love with her characters <3

Tarsis I like Maven a lot. I feel he is a complex caracther. His mind is broken and he does not knoew what the love is.

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