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message 1: by Jes (new)

Jes Drew | 75 comments Mod
This is where all agents can set up their virtual IDs. Format:

Official skill:
Unofficial skill:

message 2: by Jes (new)

Jes Drew | 75 comments Mod
Name: Classified
Codename: Jes Drew
Cleaeance: level seven
Division: ESE/SHF/Peacemaker
Team: Ninja/Rogers/Delane/Clark
Position: Mission Head
Official skill: Writing
Unofficial skill:Knowing enough German and Spanish to sound smart.

message 3: by Nicki (last edited May 10, 2018 10:54AM) (new)

Nicki Chapelway | 10 comments Name: Classified
Codename: Nicki Chapelway
Clearance: Level six
Division: Amar division
Team: Sydney (and Kyle and Amos and Nathaniel...)
Position: Master of Intelligence
Official skill: Being awesome
Unofficial skill: Being fantastic

message 4: by Creative Orange (last edited Aug 13, 2018 02:06AM) (new)

Creative Orange (Rumell Khan) (rkrespectedmember) Name: Free Agent
Codename: Rumell Khan
Clearance: Level 2
Division: Scientist
Team: Dr Stapleton
Position: Master of Science
Official skill: Strong Knowledge of Chemistry
Unofficial skill: Not yet physical

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