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Hero of my Heart (The McRaes #5; Wet 'n Wild Navy SEALs)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance. Female author. 2013 - 2016 American teacher in 3rd world country is held hostage along w rest of the school. Soldier who is in the same area is contacted by teachers father to rescue her. Spoiler ahead. [s]

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Meagan Young | 3 comments Spoiler

The h forgets what happened while being held hostage and once they are stateside she goes to the soldiers place to thank him. The soldier stays at a battered woman's shelter while stateside to help with their security. As they talk and hang out the h remembers she was assaulted. The teachers father doesn't want her and the soldier to hang out. The end of the book has the soldier coming back from a mission and the h is waiting on the beach for him, (i think in a white bathing suit).

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Amanda (amanda_redpeach) | 253 comments Here was your other post....

Meagan Young | 3 comments Amanda wrote: "Here was your other post....

I'm sorry sweetheart, i didn't see it, it has been deleted

Meagan Young | 3 comments This book is Hero of my Heart by Theresa Hill

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Glad you found your book, Meagan. Here's the link - Hero of my Heart by Teresa Hill.

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