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In the small village of Hille-Point there are humans and werewolves, the werewolves are secret from everyone.

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Cathal had just arived in the small village, he was looking for a place to hide from the hunters, they had found him againm he needed a place a werewolf could hide, and not be found.

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Lucy saw someone move into the village, they looked scared; so she decided to go talk to them and see what's wrong. "Hey, are you okay?"

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[[is she a werewolf?:]]
"I'm fine," he said.

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Lucy secretly sniffed him, then recoiled, jumping back; "You smell of hunter..."

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"Killed a few," He said, "I need a place to hide, got one," he asked.

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"Are they after you? Do they know you're here?" Her eyes widened in fear.

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"I killed the ones that were traking me, and they won't know I'm here, I covered my sent on the way here," he said.

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"Here... you can stay with me... I have a hidden room in the floor if they come into town... but I warn you of this town, not everyone likes the ideas of us if you get us discovered."

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"I kill everyone, that isn't a wolf that knows who I am," he said.

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"Well I don't... come on." She grabbed his wrist and led him to a small house.

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"Thanks," he said.

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"I usually don't take in strangers, but...."

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"But what," he asked.

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"You seem cute... and dangerous... I like it."

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