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Christopher Sullivan | 13 comments Mod
These are a couple questions for when you finish Books 1-3. Feel free to comment or message me your opinions... especially #3 and #4.

1) Too long? Taxing?

2) Does it feel like there's still story left, even though Book Three ends on such a huge milestone? Would you continue?

3) Did you notice any of the story structure or did it feel natural?

I planned this ten book narrative with a huge focus on symmetry. I placed the Big Fight smack dab at 50%. Alex (and family stuff) comes into the picture almost at the exact 75% mark when you go by word count. And the friends to lovers arc climaxes at 25%.

When you reach the end of Book Three, you should feel like there are some large, internal character questions left unexplored/unanswered. These are the 30,000 feet questions that develop and are addressed over the full ten books.

4) What do you think those huge questions are? What are you expecting to be addressed further in the story?

I also made sure the 'friends to lovers' three book arc had its own midpoint and pinch points at 25%, 50% (the middle of Book Two) and 75%. And each individual book follows the same structure.

Behind the spoilers aren't really spoilers because it'll be stuff in the blurbs of the books... but maybe some people won't want to know even that.
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annob | 27 comments Cheeky title :D

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