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sydney Adrian looked down at his phone, the instructor had given him Nicolet’s number because they were in desperate need of extra practices according to him. He had entered her number and even opened a message, but to be totally honest. He was nervous. Yeah, Adrian Drakonus was nervous about inviting a girl to his dorm. Being nervous over a girl never even crossed his mind before Nicolet, but after that kiss he literally could not stop thinking about her. And it was getting to the point that he was annoyed by how much she crossed his mind. Adrian groaned and flopped backwards onto his bed. It was never supposed to be this hard for him, if Tatiana had still been alive she would have given him so much shit for how he was currently acting. Finally after manning up considerably he began a message. One he hoped she wouldn’t just ignore.

Hey Nico, it’s Adrian..
The instructor gave me your number so we could work on our dance more than the times he scheduled, he seems to think we aren’t capable or something haha
Um yeah so. I think we actually need to do something not dance related.. we always seem so mad in those settings... If you want I have a pretty sweet setup in my dorm for video games and I feel like it’s a way more effective than yelling at each other.. Room 452 if you want.

He read over the text probably a thousand times, knew he sounded endlessly stupid but sent it anyway. He knew that if he deleted it now then he would never send it to her. And then he would ultimately be even more frustrated with himself than he currently was. He looked up to the ceiling and tried to find patterns in the paint to distract himself from thinking about how she was probably laughing at her phone at his stupidity. He rolled over and then looked at the state of his room. It wasn’t messy per se, but it definitely wasn’t clean enough, especially because Nicolet seemed to over analyze every single thing he did. He threw the dirty clothes into his hamper in his closet and picked up the bright pink thong, groaning he threw it under those clothes and shut the closet door. So he needed to blow off some steam after that stint with Nicolet. He thought about her the whole damn time anyway and eventually kicked the girl out without even doing anything with her, yet she had decided that stripping would be the way to get him excited.

Obviously she was wrong. Only one girl was on his mind now. And she wanted absolutely nothing to do with him.

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