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A Spiriting Friendship

A settle place in Maine where the ocean's water slaps against the rocks of the coast and the lighthouse's lights flicker every evening when the fog covers the silky melting sun's horizon. Muse A is the type full of mysteries... as a matter of fact, she's mystical in her own way without needing magic. Muse A will go down to the docks every evening, throwing pieces of paper into the water that are in the shape of planes with passages upon them. She'll sit at the dock and sing a song as a female voice talks in the waves, responding to the lyrics. Muse B is new to town and walks down to the dock, noticing this peculiar sighting. When muse A finds out he's been watching her, she is not happy. But time brings them together and she tells him her story. Her Mother had been killed in a boating accident and this was the way for her to summon her Mother's spirit. When suddenly muse B's father is killed in an accident, the two muses are brought together with more than friendship, seeing their loved ones in the ocean's- in God's -voice and seeing the meaning to life. But then on a dawn night, the town freezes. There's a bad spirit in town and the teens need to work together to defeat it.

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Milo   | 369 comments ((Is there a certain character you are wanting to be??))

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((I'd be perfectly fine with either. I was mainly leaning towards A but I really don't mind being B. You're call, my friend)).

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Milo   | 369 comments ((Either one is fine for me as well! I like A but I'm good with B as well. It's your plot you can decide!))

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((Thank you very much! I'll play as B and will create my character in a bit. Sorry if I disappear by the way, have a bad headache)).

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Milo   | 369 comments ((Okay. That's fine! I'll create my charrie as well. Go ahead and get some rest. It's fine. :D))

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((Thanks, I appreciate it and my headache's much better now! :) Here's my character, I hope it's format is around the lines of what you're used to)).

Full Name: Jeremiah Marcus Reilly.
Nickname: Jeremy OR Jerry, normally by his siblings or friends.
Gender: Male.
Age: Just turned 17 yrs old.
Personality: Jeremiah isn't a normal Joe off the street. He's got a background but doesn't dance it around and his personality is different, in a good way. He stays in the shadows and comes across as rebellious when he's really caring and can be overly protecting. I advise you never lay a hand on one of Jerry's friends in a bad way or else you'd regret it. Growing up in an unstable, financial wise, household... he'd always been modest and not too outgoing. Timid, a bit.

Appearance: His eyes shine gracefully without being blinding they're turquoise). Any, absolutely anybody, would get memorized looking in his eyes. It's one of the best of his features. Appearance.

History: Jeremiah was raised into a household struggling to put food on the table, let alone pay the rent. His Mother was struck in a car accident after moving to a new town in Maine. He'd since been caring for his siblings alone since his Father's out on the coast of Maine as a busy lobsterman... but he's not getting over the tragedy to easy.

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Milo   | 369 comments ((It's fine! I'm working on mine now! Can't wait to rp!))

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((Okay, take your time! Same here... this ought to be a lot of fun!))

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Milo   | 369 comments ((Thanks!))

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((No problem at all!))

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Milo   | 369 comments ((I swore I posted my character here!! *sighs* Now I have to start all over.))

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((It's perfectly fine and no need to rush! Sorry you lost the character then. If you need help making her, I'm here!))

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Milo   | 369 comments ((Okay, thanks.))

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((Don't mention it. :))

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Milo   | 369 comments Full Name: Katherine Grace Averell
Nickname: Kat
Gender: Female
Age: 16



History: Katherine will go down to the docks every evening, throwing pieces of paper into the water that are in the shape of planes with passages upon them. She'll sit at the dock and sing a song as a female voice talks in the waves, responding to the lyrics. Her mother died in a boating accident and this is the only way she feels she can communicate with her mother.

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((Awesome character. Assuming you'd like me to go first so here we go)).

Jeremiah, an interesting soul. He's known for bottling his feeling and not letting them go. Meanwhile if he holds onto the stress any longer, his mind will hibernate and his heart will break. He needs to let them out to somebody but with his siblings, he doesn't want to talk of their Mother's tragedy. His Father's at shore and even if he wasn't, Jeremiah couldn't speak to him. Henry is his Father and since his wife's death, he's been quieter than a sad hound dog on a stormy day. Jerry has nobody, he's lonely until the right person comes along for him to speak with.
Today his siblings were at school and he wanted to get some air. Walking by the waterfront, he leaned against a lamppost then he saw a girl sitting at the docks... throwing pieces of paper into the water. "Um..." he whispered to himself.

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Milo   | 369 comments Kaitlyn, I feel really terrible for saying this but I'm going to have to end the roleplay. I won't be on starting tomorrow and I feel like I shouldn't go too far into roleplays. My family is going to be traveling all over the United States and maybe out as well. I won't have any time for Goodreads. I feel really bad... I'm sorry. I will be on next school year.

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It's perfectly fine and I more than appreciate you telling me. My biggest requirement in RP is honesty. The golden rule after all is to do unto others as you want done to yourself. You're honesty is beyond thanked for. I hope that you have a wonderful summer and get to see many sites... maybe one time you'd get to see Maine which I really hope for! If you do, enjoy our views and scenes. Speak to you soon, Aly. Say hi to Peanut and Kiko for me please. ;)

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Milo   | 369 comments Thank you so much for understanding. :)

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It's no problem at all. Glad you are going to have some enjoyable family time. :)

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Milo   | 369 comments ((Hey Kaitlyn. :D))

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(Hello Aly!!! So good to see you back! How was your summer? :D)

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Milo   | 369 comments ((It was alright!! Peanut passed away though:( ))

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((Oh, Aly, I'm so terribly sorry to hear that. *HUGS* How's Kiko doing without her? :( May she rest peacefully)).

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Milo   | 369 comments ((Thank you. Kiko is alright. I got her a new friend. Her name is Willow!))

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((I'm happy to hear that Kiko is doing well. Aw, what a precious name! I hope Willow and Kiko can be healthy, happy, best friends!))

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Milo   | 369 comments ((Thanks! Would you like to continue our roleplay? :) ))

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Milo   | 369 comments ((Kaitlyn?))

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((Sorry, Aly! Yes, I'd love to continue it. I don't remember, who as next? XD))

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Milo   | 369 comments ((It's me, actually XD))

((You said this:))
(view spoiler)

Katherine was a gentle human, done no wrong and was pure like a newborn child. Her mother had passed a while back in a horrific boating accident and Kat soon found she could summon her mothers spirit by tossing little scraps of paper in the shape of planes in the water and singing. She tossed the pieces in the water and sang softly. It was a lullaby her mother sang to her as a child. She could almost hear her mother's voice calling back to her. Kat's angelic voice began to rise in the air as her mother's called back to her. She was in her own little world, unaware of anyone watching. This must have looked rather odd to anyone watching.

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((Haha! XD BTW, nice profile picture!!))

Jeremiah walked slightly closer, curiosity striking clear. He held onto a lamppost and studied the young girl carefully, tilting his head and focusing his round, bright eyes. He took a deep breath and walked slightly closer, his red and white sneakers thumping softly across the old, wooden dock. The sun had faded it after made years, as was it cooled down during the night. The sun currently vanished into a milky substance, its orange reflection bouncing off the water, making it trickier to see the girl by minutes. Jeremiah listened to her singing. The beautiful, crisp voice made him blush softly. He didn't want to interrupt... but he was still curious as ever. "Hello, miss?"

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Milo   | 369 comments ((Awe thanks! Yours is cool as well.))
Katherine watched the water changed colours as the sun began to set. The air had gotten noticeably cooler. It would be time to head home to her father soon. Her mind was filled with tranquillity until she heard a males voice call out. Kat attempted to stand and her foot slipped and she fell forward towards the water. She thankfully grabbed onto a lamppost and sighed relief. She pulled herself up and looked at the male who called out to her. "Hello there." Kat chirped.

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Milo   | 369 comments ((Kaitlyn?))

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((Hello Aly and sorry!! Been too scatterbrained lately. Hopefully more focused now.))
((No problem, thank you as well!))

Jeremiah looked at this mysterious girl, her eyes catching his attention. When he should've been more focused on who she was, she slipped on the dock. He pulled his hand from his pocket and reached out quickly, grabbing her arm in an awkward position. But- sure enough- she'd already clung to the lamppost. Jeremiah cleared his throat and let go reluctantly. "Hi. I just wanted to make sure everything was alright... I heard you talking."

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Milo   | 369 comments ((It's alright! We all have lives. I try to be active at least once a day but I do admit that I'm behind on some schoolwork >.<))

Katherine righted herself and fixed her sweatshirt. She moved a strand of red hair from her face and nodded, "I'm alright." she tilted her head to the side, "What are you doing here anyways?" She realized this sounded terribly rude, "Oh! I'm sorry! Where are my manners. Hullo, my name is Katherine." she stuck out her hand.

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((Ah, I see! Yeah... I have a lot of projects to get down. Sometimes I spend far too much time on here, lol. I'll try to be more active. If I'm not, feel free to give me a nudge.))

Jeremiah studied as the girl's fingers stroll through her vibrantly strawberry colored hair, pushing it away from her gleaming eyes. She was very pretty indeed. Jeremiah had never seen this girl, probably his age, before... her appearance was all new to him. He liked seeing someone normal, though.
Jeremiah's throat clogged up in a swell, making him clear it once again. Now he seemed like the overanxious type. He relaxed in embarrassment, calming his tensed muscles. "Sometimes after school, I just like walkin' down here. Especially during sunset." Jeremiah hadn't thought Katherine was rude to ask- in fact, he understood that walking up behind a young girl as such wasn't the best idea. "No, no, don't be silly. You're fine," he protested with a soft smile, reaching out to shake her hand. Her skin was so soft! He blushed very lightly as it faded into his skin. "Good to meet you, Katherine. I'm Jeremiah."

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Milo   | 369 comments ((You as well.))

Katherine had seen that the male was studying her profile but decided not to mention it. She took the time that he was being anxious to study his profile. He seemed much older than her... But that was just appearance. Kat knew she looked like a little girl. "Yeah me too." she lied. No one needed to know her mum and her secrets. "Alright." she shook his hand and smiled, "Nice to meet you as well."

((Sorry for the super short paragraph. I'm terribly ill.))

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((It's perfectly fine. Ohno, are you? That's not good!))

Katherine may have thought herself to appear as a little girl, but through Jeremiah's newly discovered eyes, she was beautiful. He just met her and he thought that. Once their hands had connected, his cheeks pinkened softly. What was wrong with him! He was never this nervous. "It's beautiful down here, isn't it?" He asked and looked away, trying to block his blush as he gawked blankly at the river's reflection of the sun.

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Milo   | 369 comments Katherine caught his blush and shrugged her shoulders. Sure Jeremiah was indeed attractive, she felt it wouldn't be right to take an interest in someone she had just met. She looked out in the distance, the vast water reflecting the sun. The waves slowly sloshing against the pier. Kat turned when Jeremiah spoke, "Yes, it is." she knew that the male was nervous, so she decided to keep the conversation going. "Do you live around here?"

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Milo   | 369 comments ((Kaaaaitlyyyyyyyn! Yoohoooooo! ^-^))

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Ryan Aly, "Welcome to the Panic Room, where all your darkest fears are gonna come for you." wrote: "((Kaaaaitlyyyyyyyn! Yoohoooooo! ^-^))"

(She's going to be off until around Christmas, sorry. )

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Milo   | 369 comments ((I forgot XD))

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