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quq  (190511) Name:





Spirit Animal:


Elf Of:


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quq  (190511) approved!

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quq  (190511) AMY'S CHARRIE

"Even through the harsh winters, they stay green. True and pure inside, the spirit outweighs the physical strengths."

Name: Carson De Launt

Age: 17

History: Carson was born outside of the forest, to a mother elf and an abusive father. He lived with gangs for a while, and eventually caught wind of the forest. He traveled here a few years ago and has been happier than ever.

Personality: Carson comes across as very cold and calculating, and he is quick to judge. He has sweetness inside, however, once you get to know him, and if he actually likes you. He loves animals and has an adorable soft spot for fashion.

Spirit Animal: Husky

Relationship: needs someone to trust but doesn't know it himself

Elf Of: evergreens

Amy (won't be online for a while. sorry to all the groups i'm in!) (mattbatt) | 14 comments First of all DAMN I AM HOT!!! And thanks for the character Nova!!! I as wrong I had not created a character yet! So you want to rp now?

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quq  (190511) hehe yes

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quq  (190511) he might maybe get a girlfriend if you rp with me

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quq  (190511) Wherever

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quq  (190511) Mkay . . . I’ll make a cave where me charrie lives

Amy (won't be online for a while. sorry to all the groups i'm in!) (mattbatt) | 14 comments OK is that where we will rp. I have an idea on how I can meet you.

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quq  (190511) Hmmm . . . Carson is taking a walk to visit his very favorite pistachio (meaning tree in nova language lol) and he runs across taro’s cave

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Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Name: Feyra

Age: 145


History: she was born and raised in the snow. she never knew her parents because they left her as a child, and has no siblings. it is a mystery how she survived
Personality: cold, quiet, shy, uncertain, smart, positive, weird, loud, changes her personalities all the time.

Spirit Animal: snow owl

Relationship: single for now

Elf Of: snow


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quq  (190511) The appearance won’t work for me
Could you add a bit to her history, such as where she was raised, her parents, if she has any siblings, etc.?
I’ve noticed a lot of your characters have that personality. Maybe you could choose some different traits?

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