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Female Brainstorms

Phoebe Tonkin ~ Isabelle Halliwell
Goddess: Hecate ~ Greek Minor Goddess of magic
Las Vegas girl
pro gambler, great poker face, can and will take your money
loves 'magic tricks'
always doing card tricks or other well known 'magic tricks'
performer, loves the spotlight
shy is not a word in her vocabulary
know what she wants and how to get it
bit of a showoff
her 'magic tricks' always seem to work perfectly
always believed in real magic
religion = Wicca
bi af
Collab Ideas
- People she plays cards w/ sometimes for $ and other things, sometimes not
- Others who enjoy magic, real or tricks/magic buddies
- Maybe a rival when it comes to magic?

Selene Gomez ~ Parker Hanson
Goddess: Re ~ Celtic Minor goddess of the moon
Skater girl
part time tom boy, part time girly girl
sometimes one of the 'guys' and others she's you're typical teenage girl
loves skateboarding & rollerblading tricks
"shop till you drop"
stubborn optimist
very opinionated
lives in her own world by her own rules and morals
night person
not a morning person/hates mornings
wake up at own peril
"party all night long"
grew up in chicago with her hippie grandma
poly relations is where it's at
Collab Ideas
- The guy best friend who treats her as one of the guys
- And the opposite a girl best friend whose always trying to get her to be more girly
- Skater friends
- Party people
- Maybe a guy she secretly has a huge crush on, but he's always seen her as one of the guys?

Madelaine Petsch ~ Lucinda Sinclair
Goddess: Hathor ~ Egyptian goddesses of the sky, the sun, sexuality and motherhood, music and dance, foreign lands and goods, and the afterlife
rich kid, comes from old money
parents always sent her to prestigious boarding schools
during the summer she was raised by the nanny
parents owned a very successful business that had been in fam. for generations
parents died in a car crash and she was forced to take over as CEO earlier than planned
hopes to make her parents proud
"people make their own success"
manipulative especially when she needs something from someone
party girl, can dance and sing like a pro
not afraid to get her hands dirty if she has to
huge flirt, enjoys sex
doesn't do serious relationships
"romantic love doesn't exist, only familiar"
doesn't believe in romantic love, but does believe in the love of a child to their parents
parents married each other for own personal gain, but still loved her
Collab Ideas
- Flings
- One nightstand who refuses to leave her alone afterward?
- Friends with benefits
- People she parties with
- Someone she often manipulates when she wants/needs something she can't get herself

Riley Voelkel ~ Juliet Lancaster
Goddess: Hestia ~ Greek Olympian Goddess of the hearth/home
she's adopted and has a big family
no clue her biological family actually is
doesn't really care either, they gave her up
mama bear, adores kids
the mom friend,
always tries to take care of everyone else, but not herself
overworks herself big time,
a bit OCD, obsessed with everything being perfect
has a great eye for detail
people person, she's great at getting people to talk, can read them like a book
believes in finding the truth, and that the facts point to the truth
great at putting 'puzzles" together
Collab Ideas
- People she tries to take care of and act like a mom towards
- Maybe that one kid she tries to mom but wants nothing to do with her?
- Someone to take care of her and get her to realize she needs to take care of herself as well

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Male Brainstorms

Grant Gustin ~ Jamie Carter
God: Philotes ~ Greek Personified spirit of friendship, affection, and sexual intercourse
Caffeine addiction, especially coffee
Always talks a mile a minute,
talks with his hands
kinda awkward at times but very outgoing
loves to see the best in people
very friendly, though some people find him weird
way too trusting
enjoys helping people
loves to cook, is really good at it, learned from his mom
he blushes easily, always smiling, total optimist
highly intelligent, a huge nerd about everything
social sciences, computer sciences/video game and forensic science nerd
loved to study people and learn their behaviors and why they do things
always trying to stay positive even in the worst situations
swears a lot! not at anyone just in general,
loves food, addicted to cookies and coffee
born in Ireland, has a slight Irish accent
gay af and proud
can and will hug you
zero experience in anything sexual tho ironically enough
Collab Ideas
- Best friend who he tells absolutely everything, even the embarrassing stuff
- Someone he has a huge crush on, maybe even a teacher
- Gamer Pals
- Someone who makes fun of him for his weirdness/geekness/nerdness
- Someone who flirts with him all the time just to see him get all flustered and shit

Matthew Daddario ~ Tristian Williams
God: Thanatos ~ Greek Minor God of death and minister of Hades
typical troublemaker
always ending up in trouble with parents/teachers
smokes a lot
used to do drugs till he had an od and almost died
introvert, not a fan of people
would rather be left alone
doesn't like to touched, unless he trusts you
has a hard time trusting people
parents had all sorts of plans for him till they found out he was gay
didn't go over well, now they basically ignore him unless they have to acknowledge him
insomniac, barely sleeps,
roams around at night
usually ends up visiting his sister's grave
sister died when they were ten, they were twins
Collab Ideas
- Fellow nightowls
- Smoking buddies
- Someone who tries to get him on the "right path"

Thomas Brodie-Sangster ~ Tobias Ethan Wilson
God: Freyr ~ Major Norse God of prosperity, fair weather, and fertility
loves the nighttime,
likes to stargaze,
often has his nose stuck in book
springtime is his favorite time of year,
likes to make/wear flower crowns
hates the indoors
outdoors are his home
spends a lot of time in the woods climbing trees
sometimes sleeps in trees, actually prefers it
loves nature
really laid back,
just wants to have fun and live his life in the moment
screw the rules, they were meant to be broken,
"no killing tho plz"
full of energy, has ADHD
charismatic, charming, a gentleman, definitely has flings and fwb,
a natural born leader, insanely curious, usually gets him into trouble
adventurous, likes discovering new things
lives day by day night by night, "go wherever the wind takes you"
has a love or hate with practically everyone he meets
Collab Ideas
- People he flirts with
- Friends with benefits
- Past/current flings
- A best friend

Cole Sprouse ~ Jesse Hunt
God: Loki ~ Major Norse God of chaos, fire, mischief a trickster
prankster, likes tricking people
often causes chaos to happen for his amusement
super mischievous
always does the opposite of what he told to do
hates being bossed around
emotionally distant
"wtf are emotions and how do they work"
never really understood the whole touchy feelie thing
doesn't really like to be touched at all
pyromaniac, has a huge fascination with fire
adrenaline junkie
Collab Ideas
- Prankster friends (like the marauder's in Harry Potter)
- Maybe someone he likes pranking because it's fun, though he isn't trying to be mean, though it may come across that way
- Probably someone who dislikes/hates him and his pranks and is always trying to sabotage them

Andrew Garfield ~ William Miles Bates
God: Poseidon ~ Greek Olympian God of the Seas
sarcasm 24/7
highly intelligent, though often under estimated
has a habit of talking too much
music lover, often wearing earbuds
practically lives in the ocean
grew up in florida
would rather spend his time surfing/swimming or just in the water than anything else
huge flirt, flirts with everyone
never been in a serious relationship
considered the typical golden boy
one of the popular kids
great at sports
lives with his older brother who owns a bar
sometimes drinks, has a high alcohol tolerance
Collab Ideas
- Music buddies
- Maybe he and a few other's are in a band?
- A best friend
- That one person he flirts with more than anyone even though he has zero romantic feelings for them
- Swimming buddies
- Maybe someone who has a crush on him, but he only see's them as a friend/doesn't know they exist?

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Isabelle Halliwell's Relation's

Flirtatious Friends w/ Catherine (Ara)
Isabelle and Catherine often flirt with each other. It's meaningless fun really. It started off with Catherine first flirting with Isabelle and Isabelle flirting back and then just escalated from there. Honestly as time passes Isabelle get's more and more suggestive with her flirting.

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Parker Hanson's Relation's

Relation w/ Character Name (Roleplayer)

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Jamie Carter's

Sweethearts Who Cook Together w/ Angel Molina (Ara)
Jamie and Angel are both complete sweethearts, though Angel is definitely more aptly named, so of course the two are good friends. Good friends who also loved to cook and spend a lot of their time together in the kitchen cooking and baking and just having fun. But when they spend so much time in the kitchen a food fight is bound to occur. And they do, often enough. The kitchen staff aren't exactly their biggest fans either.

Hey I remember you! We met a few years ago w/ Lake (Turner)
About five years ago when Jamie was on a field trip to Lambay Island. While there he met Lake. Now it's five years later and they meet again here at the academy. Lake definitely remembers him, but Jamie on the other hand has no clue who she is, after all it was a very brief meeting, that probably only lasted a minute. Long enough to say hello. He's even more confused of course by the fact that she even remembers that, but she seems nice enough.

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Lucinda Sinclair's Relation's

Relation w/ Character Name (Roleplayer)

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Juliet Lancaster's Relation's

Mom friend to Jeremiah Bradbury (Big Boy's)
As his 'mom friend' Jules has a habit of showing up at his room everyday to check up on him. She usually ends up dragging him out of his room, for at least and hour because spending all day in there listening to music is not healthy. Jules often has to threaten to unplug his music to get him out of the room, but it works. As a result they spend about an hour each day together doing something fun.

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Tristian William's Relation's

Over Protective Big Bro Friend towards Aideen 'Aya' Quinn (Nicole)
He is often over protective towards her and tries his best to take care of her. Sometimes though she get annoyed with it so he'll back off for like a day before he realizes he worries too much to really back off for long. It doesn't help that she reminds him of his twin sister who died when they were ten. Then again it's why he's so protective of her, well that and the world needs more people like them.

Nighttime Squad w/ Kai Liam Rhys & Aileen Esther Atkins (Ara)
Since both Kai and Tristian both have insomnia the two of them are often awake at night right along with Aileen who just happens to be a night-owl. Because of this Tristian is often with them at night hanging out instead of sleeping, because who needs sleep anyways? Not them, they'd rather prowl around at night doing whatever they want than sleep.

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Tobias Wilson's Relation's

Close Friends w/ Aileen Esther Atkins (Ara)
Tobias and Aileen a rather close friends. Mostly because they have enough things in common to be without it being too much. They both love stargazing and often spend a lot of time doing just not falling asleep in the trees instead of in their dorm rooms, which is how Tobias prefers it. He also often gives her flown crown and things, though he's like that with all her friends. Of course he also drags her into all kinds of schemes and trouble, which sometimes lands them in detention with each other, not that she seems to mind much, they very much like living in the moment.

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Jesse Hunt's Relation's

Relation w/ Character Name (Roleplayer)

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William Bates's Relation's

Past Romance w/ Olivarius Leventis (The Outsider)
In the past before the gods all died and reincarnated, William as Poseidon and Oliver as Aion used to be romantically involved. But then of course when the gods started dying out William among them leaving Aion behind. Then Poseidon was reborn as William having no idea who he is let alone Aion. Now the two are roommates and Aion, now Oliver watches and keeps and eye on William practically being his own stalker without William realizing. At least at first, but eventually he does though along the way William starts to develop feelings for Oliver as well though he initially freaks out having never been in a serious romantic relationship, though he will get used to the idea and their relationship will grow from there.

Music Buddies w/ Pheonix Ash Mercer (Ara)
William likes music and Pheonix likes music, so as a result they ended up as music buddies. When they're hanging out they're probably talking about music, or jamming out to music, or just doing something music related. Though William often finds it funny how his friend can love music so much and still forget to words all the time, not that he minds reminding him.

Swimming Buddies w/ Kai Liam Rhys (Ara)
William is obsessed with swimming and finding someone else just as obsessed was definitely a blessing. Kai and William often spend their time together swimming and just messing around in the water. Though William usually brings his own music for them to listen to during that time as well.

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William Bates

➟Poseidon - Olympian God of the Sea, Earthquakes & Horses
➟First Year/Level 4
➟Neutral Good

➢ Outgoing - Very much a people person, William has always been popular and well liked. He knows how to have fun and keep things interesting. He's likes going to parties and spending time with people, just having fun.
➢ Flirtatious - Flirting is something that just comes naturally to William. He flirts with people all the time, though he tries to never be too over the top. Though the more he flirts with someone, the more he likes them as a person. Though his flirtation isn't always serious he has had a couple one night stands in the past, but never has he been a serious relationship.
➢ Athletic - William is a very sporty person. He loves surfing and swimming, anything to do with the water, probably as a result of living by the ocean. In high school he was captain of the co-ed swim team, a job he took very seriously, though he always made sure everyone had fun. He was also on the basketball team whose schedules never mixed or he would have quit basketball instantly.
➢ Musical - Since his dad owned a music store, William is quiet familiar with all things music. He enjoys music and is often scene wearing earbuds. He loves most music and isn't particularly picky with what he'll listen to. He also has a habit of randomly singing whenever he feels like - sometimes any random song or sometimes he'll just start singing about what he's doing. Thankfully he's been told he has a rather nice voice. He also knows how to play guitar and sometimes can be seen strumming it when he's bored.
➢ Intelligent - Though a jock, William is actually quiet smart. In school he often had high grades, usually A's. He was even in a few Advanced classes and had a few scholarship opportunities lined up that had nothing to do with sports, though those existed as well.
➢ Sarcastic - William isn't a serious guy unless he has to be. He likes to be funny and crack jokes, but most of the time his remarks are more on the sarcastic or sassy side. He almost always has a comeback, which often get's him in trouble since his mouth filter isn't very good. William likes to talk and sarcasm seems to be the way his brain is hardwired

➻Eighteen Years
➻June 15th
➻Orlando Florida

Life Story
William Bates was born eighteen years ago in Orlando Florida and lived on the beach. His mother was a marine biologist and his father owned a music store. His older brother: Marcus, would later become a bar owner and of course there's his younger sister: Kenna, who he adores. Growing up the three were rather close and spent a lot of their time messing around at the beach outside their home or at their father's music store. Academically William )or Will as most people called him) was the golden boy. He had the grades, was popular and was athletic. He was actually the captain of the co-ed swim team during high school. He lived a pretty normal life, hung out with friends, partied and flirted a bit. And then his parents died, or where presumed dead after they went missing. The couple had gone out sailing for their twenty-fifth anniversary and never came home. After six months of nothing they were presumed dead and a funeral was held. William was sixteen at the time, his brother recently twenty-one and had just opened up his own bar and Kenna was almost thirteen. The beach house and their dad's music store was sold and Kenna and William went to live with their older brother in his pent house above the bar. It was a year later that Will lost his best friend - a girl named Kylie. Having known her his entire life they knew everything about one another, and Will had developed romantic feelings towards her. When he told her everything fell apart. Not only did she not feel the same but she'd decided that she couldn't be friends with him anymore because of his flirting and partying, which had gotten worse after his parents. When his letter actually came he was relieved. It was the perfect excuse to leave everything behind, his siblings would be fine, Marcus was responsible and Kenna was smart enough to survive without him - so he left.

Portrayed By:Andrew Garfield

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Jamie Carter

➟Philotes - Personified spirit of friendship, affection, and sexual intercourse
➟Lawful Good

All his life Jamie has always had a thing for games whether it was board games, card games or his personal favorite; video games. He'd spend hours in his room just playing what ever video had caught his attention at the time. He'd always been a bit of a geek/nerd when it came to these things. When he's not playing video games he's geeking out over his favorite movie and tv shows, or just being a nerd in general. Jamie is extremely intelligent and one of the best in his grade. He's always had in inert curiosity and love for learning, though his curiosity tended to get him in all kinds of trouble.

Though he's kinda of geek Jamie tends to be a very outgoing person and loves making friends and seeing the best in people. On the downside though Jamie can be way too trusting of people, which often times gets him hurt in the long run. As a generally outgoing person though he's always cared about everyone even those he shouldn't, though he can sometimes be really awkward and has a habit of talking too fast, plus he likes to talk with his hands. His most awkward moments would have to be whenever someone flirts with him. He blushes easily and often makes a fool of himself His addiction to caffeine often makes things worse.

Something people are often surprised about Jamie is how often he swears, which is all the time. You'd think for someone so bright and cheery and seemingly innocent he'd swear a lot less, but nope he swears like a sailor. It's to the point where his family has given up trying to get him to swear less though his mother still tries every once in awhile. And sometimes he tries, for her, but it never really works out despite him being a mamma's boy. After all she's the reason he's into video games as much as she is. given that she's a game designer. His mom is also the one who taught him to cook, something he loves doing. Of course it also helps that he loves to eat as well and always has some sort of food nearby.

➻Nineteen Years
➻May 18th

Life Story
Jamie was raised in a orphanage in Ireland for the first ten years of his life, after his birth parents decided to give him up because at sixteen they were too young to be good parents to him. While at the orphanage Jamie was bullied most of the time for his 'weirdness' though he did have one friend. Destiny his first and only friend was the only kid at the orphanage who thought his weirdness was cool and made him unique. Despite the bullying he never let it bother him and eventually when he was twelve he was adopted by the Carters.

Being adopted by the Carters made him realize what an actual family was like and made him glad he had one, despite how annoying his younger step siblings could be, especially since they were twins and always seemed to be able to read each other minds. He was definitely surprised when the twins; Jesse and Joey seemed to like him, since he was used to most people thinking he was weird, but it was them who go him into loving games and fooling around. Shortly after his adoption into the family though they moved to America, after his mother was given a knew work opportunity. His mother was a game designer and they ended up moving to Los Angeles which was a huge difference from the small town they lived in in Ireland. It took some getting used to but he eventually got used to it and actually managed to make some really great friends with the kids at his new school. And then the letter came. At first he was confused and thought it was a prank, after all he believed more in science than religion, but the strange dreams he'd had all his life made him think they're might be something to it. Though convincing his mom was a lot harder, he managed.

Portrayed By:Grant Gustin

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