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Ash's office.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 84 comments To Adrian this was clearly a waste of time. Still he made himself at home in the office he'd been sent into. Getting relaxed and comfortable in the seat he'd taken. Not bothered by it all. Soon enough it would be realized that he was perfectly fine and didn't need any help. Especially not any of the physiological kind. This was all just ridiculous. Why Kaiden had thought he needed this was beyond him. Adrian knew he had much more important things he should be attending to. Still to indulge his kind hearted brother he'd come here. Adrian supposed if anything he might be able to convince more to join his cause by coming here. At least then some good would of come of it.

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Ash was beaming when she entered her office, so excited to meet her new patient that she thought she might explode with anticipation and enthusiasm. Always forward, she stepped right up to Adrian and held out her hand for him to shake. "Hi! I'm Ash, and you must be Adrian." As she offered her hand out, she tried to control her excitement a little and rein in her enthusiasm. She kept a bright smile on her face, but metaphorical rainbows and glitter and unicorns and lollipops were no longer bursting out of her mouth.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 84 comments "The pleasure is all mine." Adrian tells her, sitting forward some as she offers her hand. Taking it and giving it a light kiss before letting it go and leaning back in his seat once more. "Dr. Winchster is it?" Finding it a bit informal to call her by the other so suddenly. They didn't know each other that well. Yet. Though Adrian certainly planned to remedy that soon. It was good to see her looking for enthused and excited to see him. Of course that's what he was used to when women were around him so nothing new really. Still it certainly helped assure him that soon he would be told that his brother must be the true crazy one for suggesting he be here and that he himself was fine and could be on his way.

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Ash's grin widened at his initial comment and when he kissed her hand. "It's been a while since I've met a gentleman." She remarked, pleasantly surprised. Though to be honest, Ash loved most surprises, except for the ones that only brought about sorrow, anger, or other negativities. She sat down in her own chair, crossing one leg over the other. "I wish!" She chuckled when Adrian referred to her as Dr. Winchester. "I haven't completed my doctorate yet; Rowan is the only true 'doctor' here. But it's flattering all the same. At least it means you find me professional?" She shrugged. Or you're just trying to flatter me into doing what you want. But she decided not to voice the rest of that sentence as she reached out to snag a pen from the coffee table next to her aquamarine settee.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 84 comments Buttering women up was really all too easy. Still Adrian couldn't help if he was good at it. Smiling back at her charmingly. "Why thank you for the compliment." Though in Adrian's mind it was less a compliment and more her just pointing out the obvious of the type of man he was. "You certainly seem quite wise and deserving of such a title. If you'd prefer though I can call you by the name you first gave me." It didn't matter to Adrian either way. His eyes watching her and looking her fully over as she sat down. Admiring her curves.

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Ash simply shook her head, though a small smile remained on her face. "That's certainly lovely of you to say, but I have a ways to go before I earn that title." She leaned against one arm of her settee with her legs curled up on the other side of her body. "You can definitely call me Ash!" She beamed. "I suppose the alternative would be 'Miss Winchester,' and that's awfully formal. It kind of makes me sound like some old spinster." She joked, jotting down the date and time on her sheet of paper.
As a serious thought hit her, the one that had been nagging at her brain, she quieted down, and the smile slowly disappeared from her face. "We haven't met before, right?"

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 84 comments "It is as you say." Though really what qualified someone as an actual doctor had always perplexed Adrian a bit. Sure that he could easily do the job himself if he wanted and be great at it. As it was though he had a higher destiny. "Well a spinster you are most certainly not." Adrian agrees with a small chuckle. "Though you need not worry about such things Miss Ash, I treat all women with the respect they deserve regardless of age." Watching though as she suddenly became very serious. Finding himself paying much more attention to her face this time. "No." He finally answers. "I don't believe so. I'm sure I'd remember such a lovely face if I had." Adrian putting his charming smile immediately back on. "Why? Do you feel that you've met me before? Perhaps in a past life." Adrian lightly jokes.

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Ash flashed a quick smile at him. "That's nice to hear. I meet too many people that don't believe women deserve much respect."
She couldn't help but blush ever so slightly when he called her lovely, though she suspected there was an ulterior motive behind the compliment whether he actually thought she was nice to look at or not. "I don't think we've met either." She laughed softly at his next joke, always appreciating when one of her patients had a sense of humor since it livened things up a bit. "I'll tell you why I asked a little later on." She promised, a mischievous glint entering her eyes. "So, we should probably get something done while we're here so both of us have something to show for it. Would you mind telling me why you're here today?" She asked, sitting cross-legged as she normally did when she was ready to get down to business.

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Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 84 comments "It is a true shame that more men don't do so." It seemed clear to Adrian that he was easily winning her over. He always had been gifted in knowing the right things to say to women. Of course it helped that most women were the same in nature. Finding himself curious despite himself though on why she thought she had recognized him. For now though he let it go. "Oh if you insist." Adrian says as if it's another joke they're sharing when she talks of them actually getting something done this session. "Well you see it's my brother. My twin actually. Kaiden. He's always been the one to worry over nothing. This time he's worried about me." Adrian the actor that he was straightening in his seat finally and meeting her eye to eye. "It may be hard to believe but I lost my queen. She chose her 'friends' over me. 'Friends' who unfortunately and for unfounded reasons don't think much of me. I'll admit it hurt but at the same time I know she'll come back to me when the time is right." Adrian assures Ash, and clearly himself of this fact. "I have much more to focus on currently than heartbreak. Really Kaiden shouldn't be worried. I haven't changed."

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"Siblings are smarter than they're given credit for I've found, especially twins." Ash remarked cheerfully, writing down his brother's name in lovely cursive on her clipboard. She chewed on her pen in thought, deciding what to say first as she had several different reactions to the rest of what he said about his 'queen.' "At least you can admit it hurts. We'd really have a lot of work if you couldn't." She said. I mean, we clearly have a lot of work to do already, and maybe you can't admit it hurts. Perhaps you're just saying that because you know that's what I want to hear. Though, I suppose that if you can think to say that, you may on some level realize that it does sting... She bit the inside of her cheek as she began to think aloud again. "But do you really want her to come back if she just left you like that? Why would you want to be with someone who will see you, at best, as a second choice?"

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 84 comments "Maybe for some that is true." Adrian not about to give his brother credit for being smarter than himself. Something he was definitely not. "To Kaiden's credit he is fairly smart. Just not in the ways of love or how to run a kingdom." As she bit the inside of her cheek Adrian could imagine she had quite the many thoughts swirling around. He of course wouldn't be surprised if jealousy for this unknown woman that he mentioned was one of them. Not saying anything further about the 'hurt' he was experiencing but shaking his head at her questions to him. Clearly she didn't understand. He didn't blame her that she didn't. For some such things were just hard to comprehend. "She is my queen. For me there can be no other and soon as she gets bored with the current male she's with she'll come to realize this as well. It's my arm she's meant to be on. While we may take other partners at times it will never change what we have. A queen is more than just who you lay with, you see. It's a person who's mind must match your own and be a perfect fit for that title. I know she will make a great queen and I await the day she returns to me." Sura would return to him one day. Lucky for them both he had the patience to see the wait through. Wanting it to be her choice to return. Which he knew it would be. His confidence in this clearly evident as was his confidence in most everything.

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Ash merely smiled. Classic narcissistic personality disorder. Or a case of egocentrism or another dramatic personality disorder. It's hard to tell from a first session. She decided not to say too much more; she knew at this point better than to encourage his ego. Instead, she wrote down her thoughts on his state of mind in her usual, flowing cursive, nodding along as he continued to talk. There were so many things she could and did want to say, but she knew none of them would be helpful at the moment. They had to be said later. A long way down the road when he would be ready to hear them. "So, you don't think you need therapy? It's just Kaiden worrying as siblings do?" She asked, circling back to the start of this path of conversation.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 84 comments "Don't get me wrong there are people who really need therapy." Weak people. "But I am hardly one of them. I know my own mind and I go through sad times like anyone else. I never let them get the best of me though and I certainly don't let them get in the way of my bigger desires and my motivation of achieving them." Kaiden just needed to focus on his own part in the scheme of things and keep his bothersome worries to himself. "Don't I seem of a sane mind to you Miss Ash?" Adrian asks her instead with that smile of his. Part of him feeling as if they were playing a game of chess. Though if they had been in his opinion she would of been sorely outmatched by him.

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Ash debated with herself how to answer his question, but in the end, honesty won out as it usually did. "Honestly, no you do not." She finally blurted out, feeling relieved that she'd gotten the thought out into words. "I told you I'd tell you why I asked you if we'd met before, so now I'm telling you. You just met me, and already you're singing my praises and calling me wise and all sorts of nonsense. You seem intelligent, and I doubt you didn't know that I wasn't actually a doctor in the first place. So, if you haven't met me before, how can you ascertain if I'm wise or not? All I'd said up until that point was my name and that you seemed like a gentleman, which I'm assuming was also an act. Someone who doesn't need therapy wouldn't act this way." Through all of this, she never once returned his smile.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 84 comments Where once there was a smile that never truly met his eyes. Now Adrian's gaze was quite cold and calculating. Clearly this woman wasn't quite as dumb and naive as she first seemed. Being in turn cold and frank with her now. "Well I can assure you I don't need therapy. No matter what it is you may think. The truth is your opinion of me and my mental state means very little. Only with those that truly have weak minds do such things matter. They're the ones looking for every little scrap of approval that you useless doctor's, and in your case not even that, can give them. I however do not need such words. I know my worth and all that I'm capable of. I believe we're done here." Adrian says, easily standing and ready to leave this place.

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Adrian's cold and cruel words stung a little bit, but Ash didn't let it show, keeping her face as neutral and serious as it had been. "I'm a therapist, not one of your peers. It's not my job to give you or anyone else approval or to tell you what you want to hear." Her tone was quiet for once, and her usual, bubbly self had vanished. Somehow her unfaltering happiness didn't seem the appropriate emotion or style of approach for the turn the conversation had now taken. "No matter how much you're going to deny it, I think the opinions of other people do matter to you. For someone who doesn't care what other people think, you're reacting very strongly to my opinion of you and your mental state. If you truly didn't care, your attitude would indifferent, and you wouldn't be attempting to insult me." Ash shrugged, making no effort to move from her comfortable position on her settee. "You're of course welcome to leave, but know that in doing so, you're proving my point for me." Her words weren't spiteful as his had been. They were just soft and matter-of-fact. Whether he stayed or not made little difference to her. Sure, she could definitely do without being called useless, and she did want to help him. However, there was nothing she could to force him to either stay or leave. "The decision is yours." She said finally, after a minute of silence. "Should you choose to leave, my door will remain open to you in the future."

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Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 84 comments "Many see the truth as insulting. Or haven't you realized that that's what your profession is?" In Adrian's mind he was just giving her the true facts. Whether she wanted to hear them or not. While on her side all she could do was just give her opinion. Which of course was wrong, but then that was the problem with opinions. Many thought they could be right just for having one even when they were clearly wrong. And now here she was making a game out of it. Her way in her own frame of mind of proving her point. It was ridiculous really. Him leaving didn't prove her point so much as it proved that she was wasting his time with her wrong opinions about him. Talking about him not really knowing her, she clearly knew nothing really about him. I supposedly prove your point if I leave but you haven't exactly told me any benefit I'd be getting from staying." Adrian points out to her. "Other than your continued company. If you think I need help so badly what exactly is it that you plan to do to help with that? Offer me a tissue?" Adrian jokes harshly. Still folding his arms in wait for what that mind of hers might think up next. Even as ridiculous as all of this was.

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"Insulting is largely subjective. You can choose to be upset over words, or you can choose to ignore them and not let them get to you." Ash merely replied. "Some people find the word 'retarded' offensive, and others do not, for example." She sat back on her settee and listened politely as he continued to talk, not once interrupting even though there was one moment where she would have liked to jump in. Still, she waited until he was finished before saying anything more herself. "I do have tissues, if you'd like one..." She teased, a light note in her voice. "I talk things through with people, challenge them, and give them my professional opinion, which is mostly based on the past 90 years of my life, how I've helped many, many other people, and the education I've worked hard to learn." She flashed a small smile at him. "But you should know that I won't be able to help you much if you're aren't willing to make some effort, listen, or keep an open mind. I've helped a lot of people, but it isn't within my powers to perform miracles."

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 84 comments Upon her saying '90 years' Adrian took a closer look at her. She didn't even look like she could be thirty to him. Either she truly was mad or there was much more to her than met the eye. Not that Adrian would be surprised at the later. He had seen a lot of interesting and remarkable things already in his life. It certainly made him a lot more interested in her in any case. Though given not only was she a therapist but she thought herself clearly at least on par with his thinking level, he doubted he'd be able to convince her over to his side. Or even his way of thinking. Though he wasn't as easy to give up on the later. Putting the information that she'd given him away for later and focusing on the main issue. "So you admit that you don't think you can help me then? Considering you still haven't helped prove to me that I need it. You've listed off things you think I supposedly have but have given no real key points to why you think I have them. Leading me to believe that you just diagnose people with whatever you choose to at the time." Adrian challenges.

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"Please don't twist my words." Ash answered. "I haven't done so to you, so I would appreciate it if you would do me the same courtesy." She uncrossed her legs and sat up straight. "I didn't say I couldn't help you. I said I am not a miracle-worker, and I said that like all other therapists, my effectiveness can be limited by how cooperative, willing, and honest my patients are." She set aside her clipboard and pushed her water bottle under her chair so that the table was the only physical barrier between them. "I also haven't diagnosed you with anything. Actual diagnoses take time and work. This is our first session, so all I can do is make observations and decide on a starting point if you choose to come back. It's impossible to diagnose anyone with anything from one conversation. And on one other note, I have given you reasons for my observations. I haven't diagnosed you in any way with anything, but I have made a few observations just about you and your personality based on your behavior and have told you some of my reasons."

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 84 comments "Don't you think it a bit rude to judge a person based off of one interaction with them?" Adrian points out, though allowing himself to sit back down for the moment. Leaning back in the chair as if trying to make himself comfortable even after her obvious insults. Never had he met a woman who had said such things about him. It still seemed completely preposterous. This was their first meeting though. Clearly if she got to know him more she'd realize just how wrong she had been about him. Of this Adrian was sure. As sure as he was about everything he thought and did. The self assurance making him smile. "Besides it's not as if this setting is the best for bringing out someone's best side. Maybe you should take your patients to dinner sometime. Or have one of them take you..." Adrian offers not so subtly.

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