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Just your standard waiting room, complete with furniture, magazines, and mints.

Patients of Mia, Marshall, Hayley, and Jerry may wait here for their appointment.

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Phaedra sat down tentatively on a couch, looking as if she might bolt any minute. She felt pressure on her hand and remembered that her brother had come to wait while she was in her session. Jasper sat down next to her and gently squeezed her hand again. At least Rowena's appointment was later. She had adamantly refused to see the same therapist as her twin or even have appointments at the same time. She absolutely did not want to be stuck in a waiting room with her heartless sister. Jasper tapped her arm and she followed his gaze, realizing that she had started clenching her hand around his fingers. With an embarrassed flush, she released his hand and looked down at her lap. Jasper simply patted her on the head twice to communicate that he wasn't upset, hoping Phaedra's therapist would be ready for her soon so that she wouldn't have to sit here agonizing over it much longer. He knew how much trouble her anxiety gave her.

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Marshall opened the door to the waiting room, checking his clipboard to make sure he knew the name of his new patient. He’d quickly learned to hate the first one or two sessions. Well, not hate. They just always seemed unnecessarily uncomfortable for him, but even more so for the patient. “Phaedra? Phaedra Eldritch?” He announced, scanning the waiting room to see which one of the people would be his for the next while. Awkwardly, Marsh ran a hand through his curly blonde hair, trying to keep his fidgets to a minimum.

Tom did not want to be here, and it showed. Rigidly, with his back straight yet at least three inches from the couch cushions, he’d seated himself in the back of the waiting room. His idiot friend Chip had promptly stranded him here. Unfortunately, he was still waiting on another part for his bike and hadn’t been able to fake going here. He plastered another scowl across his face. This is unbelievable. I am going to murder him when I get home. It was all Chip’s bright idea. Apparently, he didn’t think Tom was a good enough brother or something for his little siblings, who’d showed up on his doorstep unannounced. He huffed another sigh. This is ridiculous.

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Phaedra froze when she heard her name called, but Jasper took her arm and pulled her up. "It will be fine, and if you absolutely hate it, we'll try someone else." He murmured. Phaedra nodded and uncertainly stepped towards Marshall. "That's me..." She said timidly, feeling like a the mouse who just caught the cat's attention. Jasper gave her an encouraging smile and sat back down to wait until her session was over.

Rowan was right behind Marshall, but he waited until after his shy patient identified herself to call the next name on his own list. Clearing his throat, he called out: "Tom William Niles?" Like Marsh, he did not like meeting patients for the first time, and he felt awkward calling out a random name for which he had no face to match it to. This was why they invented ID.

Ajax paced outside the door to the waiting room with his hands in his jean pockets. Did he really have to be here? He didn't need therapy; he'd coped without it his entire life, and everything had been fine. Okay, that wasn't completely true. The only person in this world who mattered to him was gone, and after everything they'd been through, he just couldn't believe that she despised him. Sure, she'd said she'd hated him before, but she'd always come back. Now it had been many, many months, and he hadn't been able to find her despite his best efforts. He shouldn't be surprised. When she didn't want to be found, she was impossibly invisible. But even so, he should be trying to find her, not here talking about how he wanted to find her to some stranger. However, he knew wouldn't find her today and so opened the door to the waiting room and sat down in the darkest corner he could find.

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Marsh smiled comfortingly, sliding out of her way so she could enter the hallway. “Good, that’s great. Let’s just head on back to my office and then we can start, okay?” He did his best to be reassuring. He could tell she was shy, or at least uncomfortable. And who wouldn’t be? She had to come and talk about herself with a complete stranger. For today, he honestly figured it would be best to just let him and Phaedra get to know each other for their first time. He didn’t want to rush into things with her, especially since she seemed nervous. Marsh gestured for him to follow her down the hall and then lead her into his office.

Tom wondered what would happen if he just remained sitting down. In fact, he was sorely tempted to. In fact, he was going to. Nonchalantly, as if he didn’t even know who Tom frickin’ William Niles was, he leaned back further into the couch. I’m just waiting for a sibling to be done or something. Totally not about to pour my darn life out to some sympathetic retard, thank you very much. Avoiding eye contact with the therapist who’d called his name, he cast his eyes towards a stack of magazines next to him and picked up one randomly. Of course, Tom wasn’t one for magazines, but today he wasn’t Tom. He’s was Johnny Fat’s older brother or father... or something like that.

Hayley waited patiently behind both the other therapists, figuring she’d better wait until both of them were on their way back to their offices. There wasn’t any need to make it unnecessarily crowded in the doorway. Until then, she reviewed her papers. Ajax Allen, she repeated silently in her head, though her mind did drift off to her kids. Asher, Blake, Sawyer... hopefully they weren’t too upset that she wasn’t there. Taking this job had been a huge adjustment for all of them, but especially so for Blake. He hated being separated from either her or Jayce, but it just couldn’t be helped.

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((I'll post for Phaedra in Marsh's office.))

When there was no answer to his inquiry, Rowan tried again slightly louder. "Tom Niles? ...Mr. Niles?" He scanned the room, stepping out of Hayley's way as he did so to make room for her. "Busy day it is today." He said softly to her with a wry smile.

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((I’m gonna temporarily pop in so Tom can go to therapy lol))

Tom smirked at his victory, enjoying the guy’s confusion. That’s what y’all get for forcing me here... He continued perusing through the trashy magazines with snide remarks forming in his head about pretty much every picture or article. A moment later, Crabby magically appeared in the waiting room next to him, raising up his hand. “Here’s Tom! He’s really excited, in case you couldn’t tell.”
Tom jerked his hand away. “I hate you,” he muttered. His temporary triumph crushed, he slouched his way over to Rowan. “I’m here. Let’s just get this over with.”

Hayley smiled a thanks, then nodded. “Yeah, it really is,” she agreed, before turning to the abundance of people in the room. “Ajax Allen?” She searched for any sign of recognition in a patient, wondering who she’d be speaking to for the next hour.

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Garrison Kelly (cybador) Windham entered the waiting room with his chin tucked to his chest and his attention somewhere in the clouds. He may have bumped into a chair or coffee table a few times, languidly apologizing to whoever would listen. He didn’t even know if he had a doctor assigned to his case yet. In fact, he wasn’t prepared for this visit at all, judging from the kale chip dust on his shirt and the messiness of his long blond locks. He glossed over the magazines on the coffee table, but ultimately gave up since he was too spaced out to retain anything he read. Instead he just sat in his chair with his knees pulled up, trying to look as small and unnoticeable as humanly possible. The longer he waited for his name to be called, the faster his heart pumped and the colder his blood became. He was actually going to spill the details of his rape to a complete stranger; that’s why he was here in the first place.

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((Which therapist would you like Windham to see?))

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Garrison Kelly (cybador) OOC: Mia seems like the best choice since Windham has PTSD and has combat experience.

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((Cool! Mia would have been my recommendation as well :)))

Mia's slender boots soundlessly glided across the carpeted waiting room floor. Even if the floors weren't carpeted, she would still have been silent. She didn't consciously try to be this noiseless; it was simply a side effect of her considerable time as a spy, whether for better or for worse. She'd flipped through the basic facts of her next patient (his name and age) while still in her office and was now ready to call out his name. "Mr. Windham Xavier?" She called out, somewhat quietly, her eyes quickly flitting from patient to patient as she looked for any little signs or tics that would indicate the face of her next patient. She was adept at reading body language and could typically tell who her patient was just before they verbally responded back to her.

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Garrison Kelly (cybador) Windham was so zonked out that he failed to respond to his name at first. But after a few seconds, an, "Oh" escaped his lips and he pulled himself to his feet. His legs grew shaky as he prepared to share his darkest secrets with this young lady. He didn't even know how he was going to tell his story, but the images peppered his mind nonetheless. Slowly and like a zombie, he followed his therapist into her office.

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((I'll post next in Mia's office!))

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Rowan waved politely at Crabby and Tom. "Nice to see you, Crabby, and good to meet you, Tom." He greeted both of them, offering only a slight smile, though that was simply his way. Rowan never really full-on grinned. "My office is back this way, if you'll just follow me." He said, motioning for Tom to walk after him as he started down the hallway.

Ajax looked up from his lap when he heard his name called out. With his hands stuffed in his jean pockets, he walked over to the woman who called his name out and tried not to appear too nervous. "Um, hey. I'm Ajax." He felt a slight discomfort using his full name as he only ever introduced himself as AJ. His family and a few others had ever been the only ones to call him Ajax.

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Hayley smiled warmly, though the man seemed a tad uncomfortable. “I’m Hayley Tenney. Why don’t we go on back to my office?” She suggested, propping the door open for Ajax to step through. “Can I get you any water or some soda?” Hayley offered, in an attempt to make him feel a bit more relaxed.

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