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Cowboy Heat (Hell Yeah!, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance: Series of books about couples in Louisiana, more details in comment. Spoilers ahead. [s]

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Kim W (mykim) | 5 comments This is a book series I read 3 or 4 years ago. I may not list them in the correct order. All the men are friends and I think connected through military service and maybe growing up together.

1st one: I think the woman's name is Stephanie but not sure. She is starting a job a guide in a museum. A soldier comes in an they hit it off. He has to go on a mission and later goes missing and all his loved ones are told he is dead. The woman finds out she is pregnant. She starts learning how to "listen" to ghosts and has various adventures. However she is never able to sense anything at the man's grave. His best friend decides to marry the girl to take care of her and the baby. SPOILER

The man comes back and has been a POW for all this time. They get married.

2. A woman who is former military EOD (diffuses bombs) no owns her own company and is in high demand. She takes a new rifle she bought to have is specialized by a gun machine shop. The owner is immediately taken with her. She is hesitant due to sexual issues caused by a rape in the military. As they start a relationship it becomes apparent that she is being stalked. Also, someone is targeting her specifically with the bombs she works with.

2. A man (name starts with an R, like a nickname or something) had a relationship with a girl when they were in high school. She secretly started into BDSM as a way to deal with emotional pain. She tries to get her boyfriend to spank her I think and he can't bear to hurt her. She pushes him away. He tries to move on, I think joins the military, gets out sometime later and I think starts a landscaping business. He is also the best friend of the soldier POW that was willing to marry the pregnant lady to make sure they were taken care of. Back to his story. He buys the old Mansion that belongs to his high school girlfriend and starts to fix it up. Not sure when she shows up but while she is in the house strange things happen. Screams, furniture moving, blue lights floating outside, etc. They get the lady from the first book to come in and listen for the ghost and between that and some journals(?) the reason for the ghosts are discovered. A long sorted abusive family history going back decades. As far as the BDSM woman and the man who hasn't gotten over her (she hasn't gotten over him either) he builds a secret chamber just for her so he can provide what she needs. He has come to terms with it and is willing to help her. She starts needing it less and less.

I want to say there is a couple where the man has a gator refuge and a boat on the water. That may be part of the bomb lady and gun machine shop owner though.

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Kim W (mykim) | 5 comments Yes! That's it! Thank you!

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Kim W (mykim) | 5 comments SOLVED!

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