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Covetous Book analysis

How did I miss this!? I never looked up the translation because I assumed when Blaine said it in the second book that it meant "I never meant to hurt you" since that's what he said to her in English when she wanted to know what it meant! So does that mean that be Blaine really is her soulmate? I still love Reese, but Blaine seemed to win me over by the end of the book. But it's so hard to really choose! Blaine is the sexy bad boy, but Reese has that whole misunderstood-boy-next-door adorableness. Who are you guys rooting for?

Thank you!! You're the first person I heard that has mentioned this!! I just re-read this in anticipation for book three, which I'm PRAYING will be out soon, and I've been dying to hear some theories, especially with that quote. Curiosity compelled me to look up the Latin translations for both books, and I found it interesting Blaine told Kat, "You are my true wife" in INSIDIOUS during their little make-out scene, but I didn't think much of it. Then in COVETOUS I was like, "holy crown prince of hell!!!" In chapter 8 when Kat goes with Val to that demonic bar, Raelynd told her in reference to Blaine that, " Not only do you bear his mark, but you have kindred souls. Such passion and malice. It’s no wonder you’re his mate." Then immediately after, Kat's inner monologue says, "The old texts Dr. Madsen had lent me spoke of a TRUE mating bond. 'Equals in heart and mind.' Blaine’s bond, however, had been forged from black magic..." I think Kat believes the mating bond is a hex, because she's too scared to face the fact yet that she IS Blaine's equal, despite Raelynd literary just pointing out he saw the same darkness inside her. And I find it hard to think it's just a coincidence that Blaine has called Kat his " TRUE wife" twice already, and Kat referenced a "TRUE mating bond". I have a feeling a true mating bond is a mage's version of soulmates, which Kat and Blaine may very well be (at least I hope)! And if Kat and Blaine hook up, my theory is that she's going to wind up pregnant. Multiple mentions have already been made regarding the subject from Val telling Kat that it's expected of her to give Blaine an heir for the crown prince's bloodline, to Raelynd asking her outright if she could be pregnant. These books don't seem to just throw out details like this w/o some sort of payoff. Or I'm just really really overrhinking this, which i very well could be. Haha

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