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Quietstream (Fangirl_Forever) | 26 comments Arsenal entered the base and stood, watching Oliver throw punches at the punching bag until he noticed him. "Hey, how was the patrol Roy?" Oliver questioned. "Good, I ran into some random girl and accidentally scared the daylights out of her because I thought she was a drug dealer." Roy pulled down his hood and took off his mask. "Nice." Oliver laughed. "Now we are scaring the daylights out of innocent women." Roy sat back in the office chair and started hacking into some security cameras to keep an eye on the city since Felicity was on vacation. Oliver put up Roy's bow.

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Bella wasn't quite aware what the building was when she stumbled into it. Her poor coordination caused her to trip on a raised platform and fall with her hands out, catching herself before she caused more damage to her face. A groan escaped her lips as he knees scraped against the ground. A rusty nail seemed to have cut her skin, causing her to hiss at the sudden sting. The room was quite dark but she heard male voices from farther in the building. Unable to turn away from the curiosity, the young girl kept to the shadows before nearing, limping on her right leg.

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Quietstream (Fangirl_Forever) | 26 comments Oliver held up his hand. "Shhh...did you hear that?" "Yeah, what was that?" Roy whispered. "It sounded like someone." Oliver crept around the room, checking for any sign of someone. "Find anything?" Roy's voice came from behind Oliver, scaring him. "Jeez Roy. No, I did not."

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Bella's breathe hitched when she heard the voices more clearly. It was the boy from before. And someone else. Eyes wide, Bella tried to keep herself in the shadows, fearful of what the pair of indiviudals were capable of.

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Quietstream (Fangirl_Forever) | 26 comments "Over there." Roy pointed towards the corner of the hallway when he heard someone's breathing hitch. Oliver quietly picked up his bow and went around the corner to find...a girl!

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bella let out a yelp when oliver had his arrow pointed between her brows. "what is it with you guys and arrows! this isn't a fucking game." she barked with annoyance, pushing herself off from the ground while revealing how beat up her face was.

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Quietstream (Fangirl_Forever) | 26 comments Roy rounded the corner to see what all the commotion was. "Hey! I know you! You were the one I thought was the drug dealer!" "Damn it Roy! You should of checked behind you!" Oliver yelled. Roy cringed, and backed off. "I'm sorry Oliver. I guess I'll leave you to her." Roy ran off to back to the center of the hideout, and Oliver could hear his shaking breaths. Oliver glared at Bella, and asked. "Who the heck are you anyways?"

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Bella found herself too many times, being spoke to with an unprovoked aggression. She snapped back a strong response, "Who the hell are you to know shit about me?!" She glared at Oliver Queen, not even glancing over at Roy who ran off. "Tell your boyfriend to kill the next time he shoots me."

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Quietstream (Fangirl_Forever) | 26 comments "He's not my..." He was interrupted by Roy grabbing his bow and walking down the hall. "I'm going to head out again Ollie, ok? Love you."Oliver sighed. "Okay, love you too. Be safe. Don't die." He turned back to Bella. "Let's start over. I'm the Arrow. Who are you? And that's Arsenal." Oliver gestured towards Roy.

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"I'm Bella." With a wild gleam in her eye, "And you and your little buddy Arsenal are going to protect me or else I tell everyone about this." Bella was not a manipulative girl but she saw how skilled Oliver and Roy were and was scared of going back home. "I'm not going home."

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Quietstream (Fangirl_Forever) | 26 comments "What! Why?" Oliver exclaimed. "And why Arsenal?" Oliver deeply cared about Roy, so he didn't want him to get hurt. "And what's so bad about your home?"

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