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Sons of Destiny (Cirque du Freak #12)
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Sons of Destiny

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Alison (hardbackhoarder) | 41 comments Mod
Please don't forget to put the page number you are on before going into your comments to avoid spoiling!

Ellis (kamnell) | 24 comments I'm on page 156 and I have one quick question:

How is Gannen still alive? I even went back to the fight scene and it basically said that R.V. cracked Gannen's skull and "Gannen's eyes went blank" so how did he survive it?

Ellis (kamnell) | 24 comments I finished it.

I had goosebumps almost the whole time and especially the last 20 pages or so just reminded me why I love this series so much.
It was my third time reading the series but so many things I had forgotten from my previous reads that it was still surprising. I think that this book together with the second one is my favorite. Of course there is the Vampire Mountain trilogy which stands above all but besides this, the other two are my favorite.

I still remember this book being the first to blow my mind at the end because of how real it got with alternate Darren releasing the diaries as novels even though everything is true and such.

I wanna thank Darren Shan for having created this (and every other) beautiful and extraordinary world!

And thank you to Alison for organising this read-along because I think I probably wouldn't have reread the series for a long time just because I would have wanted to read it one book right after the other and would have gotten overwhelmed by it. But comitting to reading only one book per week and still reading other books around it made it more bearable. So thank you!

I think I will be doing the same thing with the Zom-B series next year because I only ever read the books right when they came out and by the time a new one came out I almost never remembered anything from the previous books ^^' So it will be nice to visit this series again.

I think this is all for now. Congratulations to everyone who made it to the end!

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