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message 1: by Rock (new)

Rock Drusilla walked into the infirmary, " I don't think this is the right place Lumina," she said as she walked into the room holding Vander. " I don't see a guild around here. Despite being only a year older than cander, she looked more like a eighteen year old from her size.

message 2: by Rock (new)

Rock (( The room holding vander.))

message 3: by Rock (new)

Rock (( There's no coma. It's just She walked into the room holding vander.
It is NOT She walked into the room, holding vander.))

message 4: by Rock (new)

Rock (( She's not! The ROOM is holding him. SHE walked in to the ROOM that is holding him! She did not touch him!))

message 5: by Rock (new)

Rock (( That's what the comma is for. If there was a comma in: She walked into the room, holding vander.
Then she would be holding him.
But since there is no comma in :She walked into the room holding vander.
That makes the verb holding belong to the noun room.))

message 6: by Rock (new)

Rock Drusilla perked up. " Hm?" She asked as she looked around. She could have sworn she heard something. " Oh! Sorry!" She said when she finally saw the boy.

message 7: by Rock (new)

Rock " Well I dod kind of just walk in," she said as she got closer to him, to see what he looked like.

(( Sorry.....))

message 8: by Rock (new)

Rock She was silent for a momment. " Do you happen to know where fairy tail is?" She asked.

message 9: by Rock (new)

Rock " Oh... Could you take me there," she asked. Blushing a bit from her embarrassment.

message 10: by Rock (new)

Rock " Yes, that would be nice. Lumina told me there was someone I should see there," she admitted.

message 11: by Rock (new)

Rock " New to Fiore," she admitted as she looked at the top of his head. She was taller than him, and had bigger feet.

message 12: by Rock (new)

Rock " Where are you from?" She asked as she waited for him to take the lead. Rusilla was fourteen too, but she overshadowed anyone of that age by far.

message 13: by Rock (new)

Rock (( err 15))

message 14: by Rock (new)

Rock (( No, she's fourteen XD.))

message 15: by Rock (new)

Rock " Oh..., I'm from Astimna," she said proudly as she skipped behind him.

message 16: by Rock (new)

Rock " Do you know how old you are?" She asked as she looked to the ceiling as well.

(( I would like permission to do something.))

message 17: by Rock (new)

Rock (( I thought he was thirteen >.< then you said fourteen.... Now fifteen?))

(( I have an idea for a major quest the whole guild can do.))

message 18: by Rock (new)

Rock "Oh! I'm fourteen as well," she said as she smiled down at him.

(( By whole guild I mean we could being in all the rpers from the group 'n stuff.))

message 19: by Rock (new)

Rock " I'm Rusilla, but if that's to long you can call me Ru," she said with a smile. Her hammer shifting as she jumped up a bit.

(( Wana hear it?))

message 20: by Rock (new)

Rock " Why do people call you that?" She asked as she bent her head down to be at his level.

(( Ok so Ru is an anointed one in her culture. this means she will eventually disintegrate her mortal body and become a God. Maybe that happens some time soon in the guild and she becomes a God of night. In her new found uncontrollable power, she accidentally sweeps the world into eternal night, and the guild has to calm her down and help her bring day back!))

message 21: by Rock (new)

Rock (( I was planning on having her staying away from the guild so it would be like not rping her for that reason, but honestly everyone in this group is kinda op XD))
" Umm? Ok? If you say so," she said as she smiled.
(( Yeah, don't know how they would know randy.))

message 22: by Rock (new)

Rock " Yes please," she said as she impulsively went for his hand.

(( I'd love to bring her back in after the quest sometime because she crushes Vander.))

(( Yes, if Dv doesn't mind.))

message 23: by Rock (new)

Rock (( I can dial her power down if you give me permission.))

message 24: by Rock (new)

Rock Rusilla herself let go and blushed a bit. " Sorry, I used to hold hands with my family wherever we went," she admitted.

message 25: by Rock (new)

Rock " Thank you, I like your hair," she said as she patted it.

message 26: by Rock (new)

Rock (( Dv dun mind us joining in.))

message 27: by Rock (new)

Rock "'Thank you! Lumina taught me how to put it like this!" She smiled proudly as she looked at where he nudged her.

message 28: by Rock (new)

Rock (( I am already posting there, I will.))

message 29: by Rock (new)

Rock (( Posted))

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