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The Ringworld Engineers (Ringworld, #2)
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message 1: by Mary Pat (new)

Mary Pat | 2186 comments This thread is to discuss Larry Niven‘s book, The Ringworld Engineers.

***Please remember to mark spoilers.***

Participants: Scott, Nikki, Liz, Suki

message 2: by Mary Pat (new)

Mary Pat | 2186 comments Suggested break down of reading so that you can check in and let us know how you're doing. The following breakdown is purely a suggestion and is therefore not set in stone.

Rather than putting dates for each section I've done it so that it takes into account that not everybody will necessarily have the book at the same time.

Week 1: 77
Week 2: 77
Week 3: 77
Week 4: 77

Suki St Charles (goodreadscomsuki_stcharles) | 78 comments I'm just starting on the second book. I really liked the first one, so hopefully the second is as good!

Scott Flicker | 1191 comments I'm starting this one as well.

message 5: by Suki (last edited May 20, 2018 01:17AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Suki St Charles (goodreadscomsuki_stcharles) | 78 comments I really liked getting the chance to explore more of Ringworld in this second book in the series. In the beginning I was very surprised and disappointed to find that (view spoiler)

I hope that somebody is willing to Buddy Read Book 3 and the rest of the series with me! :-)

Scott Flicker | 1191 comments I plan on reading book three next month. Still reading book 2 but should finish this month.

Suki St Charles (goodreadscomsuki_stcharles) | 78 comments Scott wrote: "I plan on reading book three next month."

I'm glad to see this, Scott. I'm enjoying the series a lot.

message 8: by Mary Pat (new)

Mary Pat | 2186 comments I will post a thread for the third book, The Ringworld Throne, shortly!

Scott Flicker | 1191 comments Okay I finished it. I really like the journeying and discovering aspect of this series.

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