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message 1: by Niels (new)

Niels Saunders | 12 comments Hi everyone,

I'm looking for beta readers for my 100,000 word dark fantasy. Here's the blurb so you can see if you might be interested:

In the Kingdom of Yamato, a snow monkey named Saru does not know he is a god. When he learns to think with words, he realises he is different and no longer belongs in the mountains. Although he cannot speak, he feels closer to humans than his fellow beasts.

Driven from his home by demons, he finds Otari Village, a settlement of kind people who welcome him into their homes. But the village is not the peaceful place it first appears. Its citizens are plagued by ghosts and wicked men who would exploit Saru for his godly powers.

To protect the ones he loves, Saru must journey into the past to uncover his true nature. There he learns of ancient evil forces which threaten the entire realm. Will he manage to save the village from the very demons which drove him from his home?

Inspired by mythological Japan, Barbarous Indeed Is My Master is a beautiful and terrifying fairy tale for adults. It is the first instalment in The Legend of Saru series and the ideal place to start your journey into this dark and mysterious land.

Thank you very much.

message 2: by Sissy (new)

Sissy Pantelis (sissypantelis) | 4 comments Dear Nils, if you don't mind- just a suggestion for your blurb: it is a good blurb (and a blurb is more difficult to write than most people would think) and gives a clear idea of your story. In my opinion, it might be better to take off that the monkey is a God. Just say that he is different and let the reader discover the rest in the story. Now, if you leave it just as it is, the blurb is very good too.
Best wishes for your book.

message 3: by Niels (new)

Niels Saunders | 12 comments Thank you, Sissy. I was in two minds about that as well. It's a pretty big plot point and some people might find it a spoiler. I will have a tinker with it and see what I can do.

Thanks again.

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