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message 1: by Gene (new)

Gene Poschman (geneposchman) | 30 comments This is my favorite image for the book "M'Lady's Gentlemen". Is this a cover that would appeal to you?

message 2: by Anna (last edited May 09, 2018 01:31AM) (new)

Anna Faversham (annafaversham) | 552 comments Yes, I particularly like the colours.

However, Majesty is spelled with a 'j' not a 'g'.

Also, it is more usual to say On Her Majesty's Service. For reference you might like to think of the Bond film 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'.

We might say 'in service for Her Majesty' for a kitchen maid but for someone with a commission to do something it would be 'on'.

Hope this helps.

message 3: by Susan (new)

Susan Old | 7 comments I like the design but would prefer a little color on the faces.

message 4: by Gene (new)

Gene Poschman (geneposchman) | 30 comments Anna, thank you I missed that. It has been corrected.

Susan, Thank you, The book will have internal illustrations by the artist in the style of Sydney Padget. I will pass on your suggestion.

message 5: by Gene (new)

Gene Poschman (geneposchman) | 30 comments Error fixed.


message 6: by Haru (new)

Haru Ichiban | 255 comments First, let me tell you I am an artist besides of an author and so I'm probably much more quirky than the average reader.

The colors are fine. Nothing that harms the eye or gets lost in the distance.

However, the overall feeling I have of the picture is that the image is carved in stone. No life, no movement, no expression in the faces. The image also lacks a clear focus on any detail. If this is the effect you were aiming for, great.

message 7: by Jean (new)

Jean Simmons | 1 comments I like a lot of things about this, but I think the text should be centered and the spacing of the elements could be adjusted to look better (possibly using a baseline grid.) Also, it seems to me that the title and your name are too close to the edge of the cover, and the size of the fonts might need to be adjusted so that everything seems less cluttered.

message 8: by Molly (new)

Molly Mulligan | 11 comments I like this cover. It looks very original to me, different than a lot of the other covers I've noticed out there at the moment. I do agree with Jean, though. I like the image in the middle but something about the font feels a little bit off, and I think that just a little bit of spacing and sizing editing could improve what I believe is already a very good start. :) Molly

message 9: by Gene (new)

Gene Poschman (geneposchman) | 30 comments Thank You, Molly and Jean.

I am passing the info on to my illustrator. The book is close to its pre-release.

Gene Poschman

message 10: by Gene (new)

Gene Poschman (geneposchman) | 30 comments I want to thank everyone for your help. My illustrator in England gave me a final cover for approval. She included covers with a variety of background colors and I think I will go with black.

Everything has been centered appropriately. I am posting the cover on the facebook page for the series "In Her Majesty's Service". It will also be in the blog for "In Her Majesty's Service".

Thank you all, The prerelease takes place in June with the book released in July.


message 11: by Steven (new)

Steven Simpson | 7 comments Gene, if you haven't released you book yet, I have one little suggestion. It's just something that bothers graphic designers (like me) — the straight apostrophes. It could be that that font has straight-ish ones, but I believe titles always look better with curved ones. I have gone as far as to change the font for just my apostrophes to get a curved one if I have to. Straight ones look amateurish, like you just hit the apostrophe key on the your keyboard. Most fonts have a curved apostrophe in their character set. Take a look. Just a suggestion. :-)

message 12: by Gene (new)

Gene Poschman (geneposchman) | 30 comments Hi Steven,

At this moment, it is in presale, and I can't make any changes until after it has been released. I like curved apostrophes too. I'll see what is available,


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